Tiffany Haddish Reveals What Led to Her Worst Stand-Up Show Ever

our guest tonight is one of the funniest people in the world she is a major movie star with a TV show – you can see her alongside Tracy Morgan on the last og Tuesday nights on TBS please welcome Tiffany Haddish [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] come sit down

right here come sit down are here wait a minute this is a very practical lap dance you've got going on here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right you guys don't have kids I guess huh now oh we can see a little of your crack hanging okay all

right all right thanks thank you gentlemen day I think would you be more comfortable on the actual seat let's try it without thanks guys yes thanks you all look great this is some moving company you are do you like are you a fan of male strippers is it

really do you go to strip club oh yeah I'm an avid avid male strip club male strip male dance review person hell are ya that's why I go to DA Lake dancing with barely any clothes on that's beautiful where do you go there's there's a few places now

see I'm from Los Angeles so you got the right track you got the boom-boom room you got the Hollywood Reds you want Hollywood and Vine once a month being you know when I go to Atlanta I like to go to swinging Richards that's my favorite around me but

make it yeah when I walked in the building here they know it's me suppose I walk in look like I'm sitting here baby Tiffany how to suitability autumn and come on I'm like yeah you bring a lot of money $25 $25 total 25 wins and that 25 $1

bills yep now where do you put them ah well you know wherever they got back Wow how about this hopefully in between nevermind what go this is a family shot right went not really between the [Applause] okay all right well that's good I'll take the five minutes what

was the first time you were in Las Vegas how old were you when he came the first time I was in Vegas I was probably about six or seven years very young I remember going to Circus Circus and we stayed in a hotel room with a bed if

you put a quarter in the bed it vibrated I thought it's the best ride of all time yeah it's called magic fingers yeah for real yeah yeah you just you know my bed now vibrates to this day I went ahead and got me one of them beds they

were the back come up in the legs come up and if you push a button it vibrates I think that's from my childhood okay just got off a stand-up comedy tour correct you just finished a comedy it started they had a rocky start you know you ever have

a bad day at work no you didn't never had a bad word there were all bad days really yeah New Year's Eve was it was just one of those it was just a bad day at work see what happened was I don't know if you noticed but what

happened was I had a bad day at work yeah I worked a lot last year you know I already had 40 days off and out of those 40 days I only slept in my actual bed 28 of those days so you had to sleep in plain non vibrating

beds yeah horrible the worst you can't really create if you're bad don't vibrate [Laughter] so I get upset and I fly directly to Miami like the day before right and what really the night before and a lot of my friends were in town and they're like Tiffany come

on we got to go out come on let's come on let's celebrate and I was like I know I'd rather go to sleep I got a big show tomorrow they're like no come on you got to celebrate you need to celebrate all your successes come on if you

want to Amy you got a movie that made over a hundred million dollars you know how you had a one friend that can make you do things yeah necessarily sitting in the front row you ever seen that movie Pinocchio okay so in Pinocchio there's like Pinocchio is going

to school and there's a little boy it's like come on we go on the fun Island it's gonna be brave be fantastic gonna get the fun Island and then they all turn into jackasses that's me and my friend okey we party with the thing that she got me

that convinced me to go out with it's gonna be a lot of a night I drank more than I've ever drank in my entire life my kidneys did you know like the next day did you have a sense that it had things had gone wrong oh well I

woke up I thought I was doing um I definitely woke up there I was hurting really bad and they were like come on see if you got to make a video to let everybody know where you're gonna be and if you saw this video on my Instagram page

you know that that was not gonna be a good show if you had any conversation you know she nah breath she was she was not ready she was not ready I mean I couldn't I couldn't I didn't know where I was performing that could remember the name of

the venue the wind was blowing in my face I could open my eyes my hair with the wind was blowing through my partial weave tracks were flying it was it was bad it was drool on the side of my mouth I had no control of my recognizance a

ricotta it was bad I went back to sleep they welcome here to say come on you got to go to the theater now I've got to get to the theater and when I get to the theater I'm in the backstage the backstage and it was like they was

giving me ready for my funeral so whenever doing my makeup I was like this and they pushed me out onto the stage right let's go go go go go and I go out on my hey everybody and all these cell phone camera lights came up and I looked

out and people was cheering I was looking at everybody and I saw the lights in my soul just left my body and he was trying to snatch my soul body that day he got it for about a hot hour I went and got her back in the name

of Jesus now and now I don't allow cell phones that anymore shut oh well that's addiction laughs no we lock them up will you go back to Miami actually actually I'm going back this summer and I'm going to be doing a big show and anyone who has a

ticket from New Jersey from that night they can get in for free if they present the ticket and if they don't have the ticket that can play just gonna be like $20 uh-huh and they're all the money that we do get from that show I'm gonna donate to

department Children Services oh good [Applause] [Laughter] hi I'm Jimmy Kimmel and this is the Internet I made it myself hit subscribe if you like it

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