Top 10 People Who Led Double Lives

Welcome back guys, my name is Danny Burke- thats me – thats my name – I don't have any other identity.

But some people do, some people lead not onebut multiple different lives – they have different names, different jobs and different reasonsfor doing it.

Theyre stories are fascinating and a littlebit strange – this is the top 10 people who led double lives … Starting off at number 10 we have Frank AbagnaleJunior.

It might not be fair to say this man led adouble life – he led a lot more than that.

As a teenager in the 60s, he used fake namesand dodgy checks to commit serious bank fraud, earning him thousands of dollars.

At the age of just 16, he managed to foolan airline into letting him fly as a co pilot – he eventually clocked over a million mileswith them.

He then continued to use his fake identitiesto become a teacher, then a doctor and then finally an attorney – none of which he wasqualified to do.

Age 22, he was eventually caught by the FBIin France printing out fake checks.

He was imprisoned for 12 years and then releasedon the condition that he would help the FBI catch other criminals like him.

His autobiography was turned into the the2002 movie -Catch Me If You Can- starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

Next up at number 9 we have Anna Chapman.

In 2010, a whole load of Russian spies andoperatives were exposed in the US.

One of them was Anna Chapman – or as her familyin Russia knows her – Anna Vasil-eevena Kush-yenka.

She set up a real estate business in New Yorkwhich employed 50 people.

She dated a local restaurant owner and liveda normal American life – nobody suspected she was actually a Russian operative.

Even her own American husband had no idea.

When she was finally caught, some er intimatepictures from her Facebook made their way around the internet.

She posed for Playboy and then was tradedfor American prisoners.

Upon returning to Russia, Anna was showeredwith medals and awards.

My life isnt quite as exciting as that, Ihave to admit.

Next up at number 8 we have John Wayne GacyJr.

If you lived in Illinois during the 1970syou might have known this man as a respected businessman, a community activist and alsoa clown.

He went by the name -Pogo The Clown- and wouldentertain kids at their parties.

However, this wasnt his double life.

During all this time, he was actually a serialkiller.

From 1972 – 1978, he killed an estimated 33teenage boys and young men – many of them were tortured as well.

He became known as the Clown Killer and waseventually caught, sentenced to death and executed.

Coming in at number 7 we have John LeonardOrr.

This one is pretty crazy.

John was a fire captain and fire investigatorin LA during the 70s and 80s.

It was his job to figure out how fires startedand how to prevent them in the future – and he was very good at it, receiving multiplepromotions.

Well, incredibly, it turns out that a lotof those fires were being caused by John Orr himself.

By day he would investigate fires and by night, he would start them.

The fires he started resulted in millionsof dollars of damage and claimed the lives of 4 people.

He was eventually caught thanks to a fingerprintfound at the site of a failed fire.

He was sentenced to life in prison.

Next up at number 6 we have Jake Rush.

He was a straight shooting conservative Republicanwho was known in Florida as an attorney, a Sheriffs deputy and a congressional candidate.

Oh and he was also a cocaine vampire.

I forgot to mention that.

Thats right – Mr Rush was part of The MindsEye Society – a group of adults who acted out their make believe fantasies away fromthe public adult.

The character he played and wrote about wascalled Chazz Darling, a vampire rapist who loved cocaine.

Now – some people might say hey, every adulthas a right to be as messed up as they want behind closed doors and while you could arguethat – Mr Rushs political opponents jumped on this story when it came out and tore himto shreds.

They really sank their teeth in.

Like vampires.

Coming in at number 5 we have Matthew Kaye.

He was a high school teacher in New York whostarted skipping work in 2004.

The school just thought he was sick but itturns out he wasnt sick – he was taking time off to be a wrestler.

He went by the name Matt Striker and thischaracter would fight people in the ring – AS A TEACHER.

At one point he even appeared on WWE Smackdown- amazingly – nobody at the school noticed, for months – even though he was appearingon TV.

When they finally found out, he quit his joband went full time as a wrestler.

Thats a hard act to follow for the next teacher… Moving on to number 4 now we have Leland Yee.

He was a California Senator who made a namefor himself speaking out against gun ownership – after a mass shooting in 2013, he said therewas nobody in California should own an assault rifle and no further discussion was needed.

A year later, Mr Yee was arrested after hewas found by the FBI to be a part of a criminal gang that smuggled guns into America.

I mean, you really couldnt write this couldyou? Apparently he was gun smuggling so that hecould pay off his campaign debt after running for mayor.

I havent checked yet but I don't think hewon.

Next up at number 3 we have Atilla Ambrus.

He was a hockey player in Hungary.

His position was in goal and the truth is- he wasnt very good.

Maybe he just wasnt putting in as much practiceas his team-mates! – To be fair, he was a little busy becausewhen he wasnt playing hockey, he was a bank robber known as the Whiskey Robber.

In 1983 alone he robbed 29 establishmentsand would often leave flowers behind as a sort of apology to the staff.

The government wasnt very liked at that timeso the Whiskey Robber became a kind of Robin Hood hero to the people.

He was eventually caught in 1999 and releasedin 2012.

Apparently he now makes pottery.

Of course he does.

Thats the next logical step after hockey playerand bank robber … At the number 2 spot we have Tore Hedin.

In 1951, the Swedish town of Saxtorp was beingplagued by an axe murderer.

The people put their trust in Police OfficerTore Hedin to solve the case.

He was the best person in the world to figureout who that axe murderer was – because it was actually him.

He had been committing crimes in the townfor 8 years that led to the murder of a man who was actually a friend of his.

A while later, his girlfriend dumped him andHedin lost it – he kidnapped her and threatened her life.

The Police fired him.

Then he lost it even more killing his parents, his ex girlfriend and 5 people in an old peoples home.

Finally, he drowned himself in the lake andleft a note behind explaining that he was the killer.

I think at that point people were probablystarting to have their suspicions … And finally at number 1 we have Reverend ShaunHarrison.

As you might tell from his title, this manwas a Christian minister.

He also worked as a school Dean and anti-violenceactivist.

And at the weekends, he mainly just, you know, worked as an enforcer for local drug dealers.

He had a bunch of younger drug dealers workingunder him.

He managed to hold down all these jobs fora while before getting in trouble for pushing a student.

They were just about to fire him from theschool when something a lot worse surfaced – a video of him shooting a student in theback of the head.

You heard me right.

The student was one of his dealers and luckily- he survived.

Reverend Shaun Harrison was swiftly arrestedand convicted.

For the shooting not the pushing.


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