Toyota Tundra LED Headlights – Do it Yourself Install 2nd gen 2007-2013

What's happening everyone, my name isPhil with PrecisionLED.

com and today we have a 2011 Toyota Tundra we'll be installing LED headlights on.

Now this 2011 is compatible with yearmodels 2007 to 2013.

That's the second generation Tundra.

And today we're using a premium PrecisionLED H11 CREE headlight package that's available on PrecisionLED.

com Now we've already gone and done the install on the passenger side.

And, as you can see, it gives a very nice white, crisp brightness to the light that you don'tnormally get out of halogen.

And is equivalent, if not slightly brighter, than any HID aftermarket kit you'll find on the market.

And we're gonna be showingyou how to do this installation on the driver's side.

And just know that they are the same process, driver or passenger.

So let's go ahead and get started.

To get access to the rear of the headlight, to replace the bulb, you're going to need two tools.

You have a 10 millimeter socket and socket wrench and a crowbar shape plastic tool to remove some of these plastic tabs.

If you don't have one of these, you can still use a flathead screwdriver.

First thing we're gonna do is remove the two plastic tabs right here.

Insert one side.

We just need to lift it up, and pull out.

That's one.

And one at the bottom.

Now that you have these removed, this whole plastic panel's gonna come out.

And you just gotta pull it out.

You'll see there's just two guiding pieces of plastic over here.

And that exposes this bolthere that holds the rest of this assembly.

So we're gonna use our 10 millimetersocket and socket wrench.

Go ahead and take these two out.

And then we're gonna get the last one here on the side.

Now that all three bolts are out, this whole entire assembly is gonna come out.

You do wanna lift these plastic pieces up, right here, just a little bit so that you can get them out.

But then now this whole piece should slide out.

You can hold on to this piece of plasticdown here below.

And then just give it a good tug.

And there you go.

Now it's out.

Now there are two components for these LED kits.

You have an LED driver and you have the LED bulb itself.

Right now we're just working with the bulb.

And, for the Tundra, we're gonna move this, which is your low beam headlight right here.

First thing you're going to do is remove the connector.

Just take your thumb, place it down right here, and pull away.

And that's the connector that came out.

And now, we're gonna turn this counterclockwise to release it from the housing.

Then we'll pull to remove.

That's the old bulb.

The new bulb's slightly larger, but itgoes back in the same exact way.

Does come with its own rubber sleeve.

So it is going to seal from potential water damage.

You wanna line up the three tabs right here into position and then turn clockwise to lock that in place.

Now that we're all set here, we're gonna go ahead and show you how to mount the LED driver to the chassis before we connect everything back together.

We're looking now atwhere we're going to be placing our ballast.

I've already went ahead and applied some 3M tape down here.

And we're going to put it on this flat piece of metal here, right next to the battery.

So, I'm just gonna remove one side, or the other side, of that 3M tape.

And I've already actually cleaned this surface but if you haven't cleaned yours all you need is a rag and some Windex or some some alcohol and you can go aheadand clean this to make sure you get a good connection.

So, that one goes down.

Push down on it to make sure it's a nice tight fit.

You have your power wires for the actual LED bulb.

That one connects first.

Plug it in, and then you take this cap you screw over it to secure the connection.

Like that.

And then the power wire connects to the LED driver here.

Once all your connections are in place, go ahead and test the lights to make sure they turn on.

As you can see that one works perfectly fine.

So, we can go ahead and turn the lights off.

And now all we have to do is push this back into place.

To put this assembly back in place, you're going to line this one up.

These plastic pieces here need to go over.

Secure in place.

And then this down here is its own clamp.

It needs to be in place here as well.

You're gonna put your three bolts: one, two, three back in and then that plastic piece right here to finish it off.

This one right here, you wanna make sure you push in as you tighten it.

Now that that's secure, this plastic piece here, these guiding ends go in first.

And then you put those plastic tabs back in place.

And you're all set.

And that's the end of the installation.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at help@PrecisionLED.

com or you can reach us onlineand submit a support ticket at www.


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