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this is the first of our Internet of Things specialty videos.

Today we're going to betaking a look at the tp-link smart Wi-Fi LED bulb.

one of the best things aboutthis bulb is that there's no hub required you can control it from any iOSor Android device or you can use Amazon Echo or Google Home to control it.

this isthe LB 100 model of this bulb and it will put out about 600 lumens and like mostLED bulbs it should last you for over 10 years.

This particular bulb is also avery warm color, you can find information about that on the lighting facts on theside of most bulbs and once you have it connected to your Wi-Fi network you canaccess it from almost anywhere in the world using the application.

One of theother great things about it is that it allows dimming and through theapplication you can track power usage and power savings over the lifetime ofthe bulb.

Setup and configuration of the bulb is very easy.

It's a standard sizedbulb and it should fit into just about anything lamp.

Simply screw it in, turn iton and wait for a few seconds.

You'll notice that itwill blink three times this lets you know that the bulb is online and readyto be configured.

at this point you're going to want todownload the application you can simply search for it as KASA or under TP-Link.

Once you've installed the application you're going to want to get into yourWi-Fi network settings and you're going to be looking for TP-Link smart bulb.

this is actually the bulb putting out a network so that you can connect to it toconfigure it once you've done that you're going to want to open up theapplication.

If you have never set up anything with tp-link before you're going to need to create an account Simply click on 'create an account' – butall they require is your email and a password.

Once you've done that they'llsend you a confirmation email and once you've confirmed it you're ready to goahead and configure your device.

Simply add your device, click on smart bulb andsince we've already done this part and seen the bulb flash three times andwe've already added it to our Wi-Fi network the application will connect tothe device and we're ready to name it.

One thing to keep in mind about namingyour bulbs and devices is that this is how you're going to see it in theapplication and this is how you're going to reference it in both Amazon echo andGoogle Home.

Select an icon for it in the application and then you're going to add it to your Wi-Fi network in your home.

Once you'vedone this it's a short wait, about 30 seconds, and the bulb is ready to go andyou can start configuring it and setting things up.

This is how it will show up in the application where you can turnit on or off using the button.

Once you click on it you have a number ofdifferent options: here you can set schedules and this is where you can set it up tocome on in a specific time come off at a specific time or to change its state.

I'mgoing to set it up to come on in the evening at a specific time and then I'm going to select the daysthat I'd like it to come on now you can set it to come on at thelast on state in other words whatever it was or you can customize the brightnessthat comes on at to customize just simply click on it and choose yournumber anywhere from zero to a hundred percent.




and it's set you'll see it in theschedule what it's set to do whether it's set to come on or go offin device settings you can see things such as your timezone, device location, the device time so that you can check to see what time it's set to, the model firmwareversion and other information about the bulb.

Under usage you'll be able to seehow much energy the bulbs been using how long it's been on and your energysavings based on this bulb it'll let you look at the last seven days or even thelast 30 days to set this device up for Alexa.

You're going to go into yourdevice control settings and activate the remote control option then you're goingto go into the Alexa application and you're going to search for either KASA or tp-link — you'll see this skill and you need to enable it.

When youenable it it will ask you to log into your tp-link account using the email andpassword you just created and then once it connects you can close the windowthat it's opened.

Alexa will search for devices onyour network under your tp-link account once it finds it you're all done.

Alexa turn the living room lamp on okay Alexa turn the living room lamp on 50percent okayAlexa.

turn the living room lamp on 25% okay.

And that's all there is to settingTP-Link smart Wi-Fi LED bulb and setting it up to work with Amazon Echo.

Settingup for Google Home is just as easy.

Again, this is the model LB 100 and I'veincluded a link to it in the notes, be sure and check it out and check out theother tp-link smart Wi-Fi bulbs, Thanks for joining us at ONLINE VIDEO STUDENT and we'll be back soon with more Internet of Things videos.

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