VIVIBRIGHT F30UP Native 1080p LED Video Projector – 4200 LUMENS – Under £200

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Today I've got my hands on a realnative 1080p LED video projector which also has a full Android system built inalong with HiFi stereo speakers so this is the VIVIBRIGHT F30 UP and I justcan't wait to see this one in action so without any further ado let's just getthis out of the box and see what it looks likeso this is everything you get in the box beginning with a user manual a cleaningcloth if you're getting a small remote control which will allow you tocompletely control the Android system along with the other functions of thisprojector and it's powered by two triple A batteries you're also getting aEuropean power cable and I've got a UK adapter fitted on the front and last butcertainly not least the projector itself so here it is guys a full sized LEDvideo projector now energy efficiency is a hundred and fifty watts lamp life is50, 000 hours brightness is 4200 lumens you have a native resolution of 1920 by1080 so that's full HD native resolution contrast ratio is fifteen thousand toone maximum optimal screen size is 300 inches you've got HDMI inputs for yourgame consoles so you can attach your Nintendo switch your PlayStation 4 yourXbox one to Android TV box Nvidia shield and enjoy any of those on a massive 380screen now you also have built-in HiFi stereo speakers and I believe it's 2times 10 watts so 20 watts maximum you've got a full Android systembuilt-in and this is running the s90 5x quad-core CPU with a Mallee for 52 gigsof ram and 16 gigs of internal storage and this is running the full androidversion 6.

0 one marshmallow I think going back a bit now you also have Wi-Fib/g/n and Bluetooth version 4 so on the topthere's nothing no buttons or anything you've got a matte finish and actuallylooks like in large game console now on the front you've got your lens cap andremove it you'll see your lens and over here you have your infrared port for theremote control very bright full HD logo focus and Keystone correction dialsthere so you can get the best picture quality possible now your projectorcontrols are actually on the back so power navigational etc but the samefunctions can be done using the small remote control now physical power buttonand a power socket you've got another infrared port for your remote controlover here you have a headphone jack if an airport s/pdif and your HDMI IN soyou can plug in your favorite Android TV box your favorite game consolesmartphones tablets and enjoy any of those on a massive 300 inch screenyou've also got two USB ports so you can run multimedia directly off a hard drivenow if we keep going there's nothing on this side and that brings us back to thefront of the projector and this is what the bottom of the projector looks likenow you do have an elevation stand here you've got four screws over here fortripod ceiling mounts so you can ceiling mount this projector and make yourself ahome theater system so without further ado I'm going to get this all connectedup and we're going to put this projector to the test I'm excited to test this outon a game console via PlayStation 4 maybe even Nvidia shield TV and we'regoing to run some full HD gaming and see how it looks on the big screen so let'sget cracking so we are three meters away from that wall in front of us and we areprojecting around a hundred inches or just over a hundred inches now there isno projection screen used we are projecting directly on a cream-coloredwall projection quality is superb as you can see you have an ultra bright andcrystal-clear projection and all four corners look absolutely crisp and thisis the Android version 6 home screen which took around 40 seconds to fullyload from a cold start now the first thing we need to talkabout before we run any tests is that fan noise so I think we could all hearthat fan noise is quite loud so I'm going to get my sound meter out andwe're gonna find out how loud that thing is so here we go so if you're right next to it you aregoing to get quite a loud 56 to 57 decibels if you move away half a meteraway you can get around 53 decibels so yes the phone is quite loud so this isthe home screen for the Android system so you can see we've got a featuredsection at the top for YouTube coding Netflix file manager and WPS now you'vegot some quick settings for Wi-Fi which I've already connected to you've gotBluetooth reset language of wallpaper and more settings and when you click onmore settings you'll be taken to the full Android settings page now let's goback now at the bottom you've got all your apps it's like a shortcuts to allyour apps but I'll click on the app drawer and show you everything so you'vegot Play Movies WPS gallery this is the Google Play Store it's got a custom iconbut if you click it you will see the full version of the Google Play Store sothe first thing I want to test out is miracast as we do have miracast on thisso let's open it up and give it a shot shall we so we have successfullymirrored my p30 Pro so I'm feeling a little bit of lag here and it doesn'tlook too good on that screen it looks a bit washed outbut miracast is working now talking about the internal Android systemYouTube doesn't work because it says a new version is available from the PlayStore when I click install well it says thisapp is no longer compatible with your device anymore contact the developers sowhat that means is Android version 6 is causing compatibility issues with someapps beginning with YouTube so now I had it straight over to Netflix I managed tologin ok no problems there so now I'm going to try and watch something so you so Netflix is working but that was 480pso in my opinion the internal Android system is outdated it's not gonna letyou take advantage of this wonderful system so my advice would be to connecta new Android TV box via HDMI or a game console so I'm about to connect the ps4so I've connected to my PlayStation 4 I am now going to play some YouTube videosdirectly from the ps4 so we are able to stream a maximum of 1080p on YouTube you're being charged with the attemptedmurder of the President of the United States so it's gonna try out someNetflix HD beautiful kayo for the victory early inthe first yeah we're just getting going at now the fights over but excellentstriking technique to land that shot and ultimately finish the fight here in thefirst if we're not saying it before but sometimes when you catch a guy coldbefore he's had a chance to get going in the fight it can have a bigger effect itcertainly did here tonight and here we see it from a different angle look atthe power in that kick and as soon as it lands that is the end cyber life thecompany that manufactured me is conducting the users survey do youconsider yourself dependent on technologywelcome to the Detroit experience sexists androids in town I know why youinsisted on coming here I haven't this crappy prison yes it is you're okayso quickly show you how this looks with the light on so the light is on rightnow and you can still see everything on the screen so this projector is verybright and can be used even in the daytime so there you have it guys thatwas the new VIVIBRIGHT F30 UP now this is a real native 1080p videoprojector priced under 200 pounds video quality is absolutely amazingsuperb brightness and clarity movies videos and games look absolutely amazing now the projector is so bright you can even use it in the daytime furthermorethe built-in speakers were surprisingly loud and the sound quality was also verygood now you also have the option to connect up your own speaker system but, I was actually quite happy with the internal sound now fan noise was on thelouder side when standing right next to the projector of 56 decibels is quiteloud however if you move half a meter away from the projector sound level willdrop down to 53 decibels now once the projector is on and you're watching orplaying your game you will soon forget about that fern noise now the mostimportant thing has to be the picture quality especially if you're looking tobuy a 1080p projector now the picture quality is so good it will blow yoursocks off now my camera does not show you what my eyes can see the projectionquality is way better than what you guys are seeing in this video not only thatyou can also tweak the video settings to adjust the color and contrast to suityour taste so that brings me to my top LED video projector chart for 2019showing you what's new and ranking them by a rating out of 10 so as you can seethis new projector by VV bright has jumped straight in at number three onthis chart with a rating of nine point five out of ten now you can view thefull versions of all my charts online at chick's tech comm and read them at yourleisure bottom line a great all-round 1080p ledvideo projector and if you're wondering how this one compares to the recentlyreviewed VIVIBRIGHT F40 model the F40 has a lower fan noise andprojection quality might be a hairline better but not by a great dealbrightness and contrast are exactly the same and the only major difference isthe F30 UP model will give you an Android system built-in and also alouder cooling fan noise.

Nevertheless the VIVIBRIGHT F30 UP and the F40 are two of the best 1080p native video projectors you can currently buy for around the 200 mark and with that being said I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day see you in the next oneguys :).

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