Wagner Furno 550 LED Digital Heat Gun

no a digital heat gun we're gonna show you so many things that you never really thought about until you see them in action things that you'll be able to do at home quickly and easily have fun with create with and the Wagner Ferno heat gun is more popular

than you could ever ever imagine it just came back in stock it's a this day only the lowest price ever of fifty five dollars and ninety-six cents you get everything you need including the case we're gonna jump straight into it with our home expert the lovely Lynda Lyday

Lynda there's lots of projects with our heat gun I'm gonna do some you're gonna do some where shall we start Linda first of all I want to say we can do over a hundred this is over a hundred uses now for me I have used the heat gun

to take a dent out of a bumper somebody got a little too close to me in the back of my car two-part epoxy but I did not know exactly how many crafts that you can do with your heat gun now Wagner is the number one consumer brand in

heat guns let me show you a little bit around this heat gun 1500 watts 150 bigger 150 degrees through a 1,200 degrees that's a lot of power right so this is how you do it you start it here that turns it off well hold on here we go

that turns it on okay and now you have a low fan which is on and now I – on the low fan you have six different settings right so that's one and then two three four five six and then when you go on the high fan setting you

also have six so that's where you get your twelve settings in when it's time to turn it off you're gonna see that it has a cool-down button this is gonna cool down for a while because it's been high right now not only that but let me turn this

off for a second and show you the different nozzles that you get you get it four different a projects right so you get this flat this directs it into or whatever area you might want to do this is great for taking pain off the doors this is great

for types right frozen pipes it goes right around it this protects glass and this is a very concentrated nozzle now now also let me just show you – this is hands-free notice that this is on the case itself – this in the screen near this is on the

case itself so it's hands-free if I just want to do something I have a project I can do it up in midair I can maybe have it this way it does not matter but this is gonna keep it in place now I think I have a little contest

for you don't I we gonna like you I was just creating a card while you're showing us now I thought was stamping I was getting really busy with okay the challenge is the rap right yeah so this is shrink wrap and you probably maybe of shrink wrap your

windows but this is fantastic to do for a gift you know right now we're let's start you started you know doing social distancing isn't it nice to have a package show up on somebody's you know if somebody bought a new home yes is always a great thing to

have but to shrink wrap something is so easy you just get it at the crafting store or you can get it online probably online it's your best choice right now but look how easy this is and it gives it that it kind of looks hermetically sealed which is

what I liked about it smack a bow on there and you're good to go now again this is fantastic if you have like a birthday if you have any kind of it like that as we were as you were talking earlier I was doing this now this is

kind of fun and I think these are probably cooled down now so I'm just gonna remove these and there I have my address right it's that easy so you can burn wood I actually put coffee right cocoa actually it was cocoa in the shape of a heart and

then I heated it up and look at this now wouldn't this be nice

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