What are LED Demon Eyes? Learn about Lighting

today we are gonna talk about demonizethe heck is a demon a demon eyes for the wind boys needless to say I am in lovewith this huge shout out to fly ride out so we can control the light and anycolor they want we can do bright green and then

we can go back to the red bluejust can't capture the the quality without actually seeing this in personmy eyes look like that of a demon thank you what's up boys and girls this is Christheraphy and you are watching fly ride and today we're gonna talk all aboutdemonized because

like I always say we're gonna tell you all about the partsthe techniques and the business of building custom lights and demon eyesare the parts and these are the techniques and that's the business solet's get into it see how I look like a demon that's why they call them

demoneyes bro whoa let's do a strobing demon demon demon demon demon demon so as youcan tell my eyes look like that of a demon it's because I have these coollittle LEDs now check out this one so these are the color morph demon eyesthat we use a lot on

all kinds of different stuff as you can tell thisone's got a bracket on it and this other one does not have a bracket on there andit's just gonna depend on if you want to put them into a projector or if you wantto use them somewhere we're tight spaces

a little tighter you can do a lot withthese things they're super versatile and their ungodly bright I mean they're justsuper super good I think these are three watt LEDs but in any case the maindecision to be had I made decision to be had when you're putting these thingsinto

a projector is how you want the light to react so for example I am goingto am I gonna do throw a little sleeve on this thing right now just to protectit because I'm just thinking inside this projector here's a projector everydifferent projector has a slight different opening and

there's all kindsof different ways that you have to figure this stuff out all right so inthis case if I'm going to mount a demon eye inside this projector the mostimportant thing I need to do is I need to look at the inside and figure outwhere is it that

I really want this thing to catch the light so all of thatlittle shiny surface area in there look what happens when I put the light to itstarts to glow it catches all of that lightso if I'm throwing the LED down here it's gonna catch the inside differentlythen if

I'm lighting it from the top down the other thing it's gonna do isit's gonna have a different effect on how the light leaves here if I mountthis demon I down at the bottom see how it looks like it's at the top eventhough it's down here because the image

gets flipped just like a camera orwhatever and so what happens when you're doing this is you can actually see thisup on the roof it's throwing the light forward and then this the shape of thisbowl is bending it and it's shooting it upward weird so if you're mounting themon

the top it's gonna do the exact opposite it's gonna have the light comeout and it's gonna make it look like it's on bottom and it's gonna throw thatlight down at the street so two totally different ways of doing things if youwant to throw the light up then you

mount them on the bottom if you want tothrow the light down the amount on the top the other thing too is how much doesit catch on that heat or on that the cut-off shield here so before I had itmounted inside this is what matters the most if it's

changing colors andcatching really really well like that then you're doing a good job then you'redemonize where it should be but if you're mounting it into a place andyou're just not getting a super strong effect you might want to considermounting it somewhere else so this is gonna be very

directional based on whereI put that demon eye that's the whole reason that there's this bracket becausethere's certain projectors out there like the m h1 is a good example of thisthis is made for that projector so all you have to do is take a couple screwsout put this bracket

into place tighten it back up and now you've got a demoneye inside your projector and you aren't even good like you just took a couplescrews out put them back in no thought no skill level needed I mean if youreally want to get the most out of it it's

just like everything else withprojectors you got to Nate you got to just put the time in and figure outwhere is the best place to mount those demonize otherwise you're justgonna have kind of like a hmm whatever just kind of a light glow sometimes youget inconsistency where there's stuff

that's blocking the actual LED so itdoesn't do much good if there's an LED in there and something's blocking itlike my finger right and so you kind of get the idea there's a lot that can gowrong with these but there's just such a cool effect of having these glowing

eyesinside the projector and it's not this very forced product that looks like it'sin there you basically have no idea that setup has demon eyes unless they're onso it's a very cool kind of sleeper mod something cool that you can leave on inthe background like if your cars in

a parking lot super low power consumptionso you can just leave them on just let them rock for a while and people walkingpast your car will freak out especially here's my little trickespecially if you have those things really dialed in and mount it in a coolway in the bottom

and then someone's walkingpast your car Huck them right in the eyeball and amlike the glare just blasts you right in the face and the result is that you'regetting a lot more attention on your project see that getting me I could feelit Oh God yeah that's what you want

to do that's perfect so again not all demoneyes are created equal you've got kinds that have one littleLED on there like this guy focus you have some with this littlechip on there like that this is actually our gbw so for some reason somebodythought it would be really cool

to put white but what happens when you have awhite projector it just looks like a projector so I don't really get that butthe green red blue the color-changing stuff I love that on this particulartype it's just got one little dot so I can focus it I can use

this to changethe fiber-optic tubes inside of different lights but there's alsodifferent types of projectors that will maybe work better with other demonisedso there's at least three or four different companies that we carry thedemonize a couple of them have these little single LED 3 watt chips otherones have a

bunch of different little individual single colored LEDs on thereand then there's I don't know there's just always changing technology when itcomes to this stuff so don't think that because you have one type and your buddyhas another that yours are better or is you're better it comes down to

skilllevel and how you actually mount them that matters way more than the actualpart that you start with so I just say like the only thing you want to becareful of is really cheap stuff that's just gonna disconnect there's a lot ofstuff going on in this one little part

so if the drivers are bad totally wastedeffort if the LEDs go bad totally wasted effort so you want to make sure that youget good quality parts that's all that we carry on fly read comm so you'realways safe with any of the options that we have there and any

of them that I tryout and I don't like like I'll get rid of a product on the site just because ifI wouldn't use it I want to sell it I don't care if it makes me money if it'sjust gonna cause problems like BIC over that anyway if you

do demonize and youspend your time then it can be a super super cool project and and the coolthing is they're cheap they're damn cheap so you don't have to have the coolhundred dollar Bluetooth controller but you can because it's a hundred bucksto control stuff with your phone and

multiple functions you're likelike lighting MacGyver do you know who my guy ever is damn you guys might notknow anyway back on topic demon eyes are dope I like them I used to not want todo them because I knew that as soon as I started messing around with those

thingsthat people would ask more and more and I didn't like to do them and the reasonwas the tech wasn't there yet I'm like old for lighting I've been doing thisstuff forever so when I used to do these things I had to make everything fromscratch I used to have

to actually modify angel eyes in a lot of cases Iwould take an angel eye that did multicolor and I had like a bunch ofchips around a circle and there's big ugly spaces between them kinda like thissee this little strip right there it's got a bunch of individual colorchanging

LEDs on it but there's big gaps so back in the day I used to take thoserings and now chopped little sections of them because I knew that if I chopped itinto four equal sections and I looked at the way the circuit board was I couldturn that into four

individual demon eyes and their work color-changing demoneyes there weren't these little things like that and those rings were expensiveso if I messed up I just shot myself in the foot but now it's all different youdon't have to actually be MacGyver like you are you know I'm saying whodidn't

want you don't know MacGyver's

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