"What Is or Is Not Art?" – PART 61 – Chrono Trigger

[Music] but then I think because now where we are at an age where our friend like we have friends with kids like unfortunately yeah but like my sister for example my sister but my sister grew up playing video games about as much as I did yeah she had she loved her at the n64 she loves Diddy Kong Racing in particular I was one of her favorites some of the end of the games or hers from her child from from our childhood and my nephew yeah my nephew loves Mario he’s I don’t think he’s ever actually played like what you would call a video game like he’s played game apps on he’s got like a kid’s version of a tablet that does that oh I the music stopped I thought at first is he playing fortnight no but he loves mario nintendo has a Mario themed bedroom yeah and he’s four and he and like he’s gonna grow he’s growing up now in a in an era where video games are just part of it’s just a common hobby now no it’s a common entertainment yeah I think I don’t think there are very many people who we know who would say film is not an art form there are people they would say that but not people that I hang out with right who ever say it says that I mean you unless it’s going to it’s every time where it’s like Oh Freddy got fingered in a film is that is that art it’s like yeah yeah well when I was a shitty picture of my mom it wasn’t good it was still art but yeah it’s hard a creative piece of output is art just somebody somewhere enjoyed the experience of Freddie got angered yes just cuz you know doesn’t mean it’s not art right don’t fly on it put it in a Museum right there will be there are museums a bad art but one percent of all art gets to museums and the rest is just art yeah it just people but it’s not for you and that’s okay by the same token looking looking at videogames and saying like oh well bubsy 3d is a video game would you call that art yeah it’s not good art it’s a pretty shitty but it’s still art yeah and you have games like braid really yes I just want to look at me like what the did you ever make your mouth again I think they came and then get back to me I think you and that people do because they’re not secure with their own accomplishments so they got a on someone else’s thing the only sort of decent argument I’ve ever heard for film or video games as not art as not art well it is still but their argument it’s not technically art because it’s the amalgam of multiple art forms happening in comedy burns exactly so here so when I when I was in college our theatre our theater professor or theatre person advisor whatever she started off every every new class so every year at the start of the year when she had the first class of people she had this almost like word for word beat four beats same thing that she told people which is that that as far as as far as she’s concerned theater is the ultimate art form because it essentially pulsed it is a combination of every other form of performance art you can involve music involve dance you can involve written word you can involve light choreography and all and and and like you know you can make it that way with it like obviously there are forms of art that don’t jive obviously like yeah animate relation arch-enemy I mean nation hypothetically is like I projected yeah sure but but like the point that she was making essentially is that theatre is a combination of many different art forms and in the is thus itself an art form by design because of that and like same reason as with film and with video games they two are different combinations of existing art forms this is an artwork like this is drawn sprite art this is music if this is programming too I mean like you can argue that there’s yeah but yeah so I just think like it’s just really short-sighted to think that things that you don’t like aren’t art yeah and also again you try to make something and then talk to me right I mean even even the eye of argon also all of its foibles is still art yeah it’s really I gotta leave and leave have defining art is a tough thing right I think anyone trying to define art is full of right probably yeah generally speaking if you can look at something and go is that art the answer is probably just yes yeah I mean even what I consider the fount III hate found art for the most part I find it like really it feels it’s the trickiest it feels like it to me it feels like an excuse it’s like it oh this is art and it’s like it’s a toilet you put up you put a birdbath thing in the center of it but it’s a toilet it’s like yes so I don’t like it what it’s art yeah I see we were saying I think that that those types of things are more about like this made me feel something like I this gives this has a meaning to me because of who I am in my experiences I’ll share this feeling that I had by you know if you take a picture you frame it a certain way or just display it in a certain way but still photograph you could possibly take a lot of the surrealist and a lot of the surrealist and postmodern takes on this up many of these things like Canada ISM are meant to be challenges that are basically the opposite of whatever the definition of art is yeah it’s good art like by designer I’ve seen some incredible found art stuff there’s this place a desert in your Joshua Tree that’s incredible and it’s just a bunch of junk but it’s junk arranged in these huge immersive things you can walk in and out of an experience yeah weird and it’s cool yeah you’re like yeah that’s art I had a I saw it and experienced it and how to reaction and for me that’s all that is essentially yeah art art is such a wide almost undefinable thing I can’t call it a genre because it has John Rizzo it’s not a genre itself but it’s a thing essentially like at the end of the day if someone tries to say oh well that’s not arts like well what makes you the authority on what is or is not art right and again I’m pretty sure the only people who are saying that’s not art are either super hoity-toity hyper focused artists or people who’ve never made a goddamn thing in their goddamn lives the only only way that I could see artists who want to feel better about their art or to is like I I can the only time that I can accept a art versus not art thing is one you is there has to be a line to an extent of like the the the like the water bottle you have in front of you that is art in its own and its own sense is a product it’s design is mass-marketed it’s designed in master – yeah there’s the Shaivism a kiss right orange yeah yeah so then that like the person who designed this shape in CAD yeah probably super pumped about it it’s a great bottle with that that’s that’s what I mean I was like there does become there does come to a point where it’s like you can observe literally anything as art if you okay because what’s the meaning of life and no one can tell you exactly right now now we can give you a satisfying answer but a lot of people will look at other people and say they’re not living their life right right and you know what they’re probably wrong people should live it however they want art can be whatever people want to make so I mean I love the opinion and you know this is take it with a grain of salt take it or leave it kind of thing but I’m of the opinion that the meaning of that there is no meaning of life beyond giving life meaning the meaning of life is to give your life meaning you don’t live for anybody else you live the meaning of life is up give yourself meaning I think that’s what people who think about it for more than five seconds usually arrive at I cannot believe what a couple of grinding episodes will do to us we got a new meaning of life the definition or lack thereof of art parenting and arts holy oh yeah we got this is some this is some intense this is why we were meant to be a podcast yeah yeah yeah no because we need this though we need the distraction yeah the background thing of the background thing and it’s something that’s actually happening it’s not like you know if you watch old oh god I was gonna say idubbbz not idubbbz leafy leafy is here it would usually just be like a rant to the background of like oh I’m doing this like mini game of a thing but it wasn’t like it’s not for a thing it was there to be back I definitely have that I don’t know if it’s correlated with a TD or it’s just for everybody but like I think better when I’m doing something else if I just would say I have to solve this problem it’s harder for me sometimes that’s actually that my brain starts going to be like you’re not focusing hard enough yeah right and then it makes a that’s the reason why what I’m doing editing when I’m doing like visual stuff I’ll usually throw a YouTube video on the side because if there’s not something else that kind of just keeps me spinning like yeah yes it’s a little distracting yeah but at least keeps my brain like doing stuff yeah and I’m just staring at a logo and not doing things I can just be like I’m gonna look you know I’m just distracted by just other and that’s the problem my brain is sometimes I feel like certain things are helpful as distractions and other times those same things are holding me down and it seems inconsistent which is why I struggle with attention and figuring things out and getting things done you know but it’s uh overall like I cannot have a phone conversation without walking right like really people a lot of people like that I get uncomfortable I feel trapped but not of time I when I walk I it’s much better much easier sometimes I will make it memorable pace yeah I do sit sometimes if I’m on the phone but I’ll be like swiveling the chair back and forth if it’s a conversation that’s nervous about I will stay in a pace around if it’s something like I’m calling you know our our internet provider for example the other day if I when I was on the phone with them I don’t get nervous calling via our ISP no cuz I’m just like oh my god that stresses me out more than anything alright the first call I made I was a little more like hey is this the thing that we can even do and they said yes and then I called back couple hours later because they were like oh this should activate it right away and it didn’t and now I’m like we’re on a time crunch here yeah there and now I’m calling some like hey we need last guy talked you said this was gonna happen like when I hung up the phone and it’s been three hours and they’re like oh we can’t actually do that we got to do this other things like okay fine but that’s not something that I’m like nervous about in the same way as taking a call for a job interview to go back though like well yeah I heard about I don’t know how true this is but it seems true yeah I heard this story about a girl who like was taking like I don’t know let’s say the SATs or something sure and she was just the whole time just jamming a pen in her leg because that little tiny bit of like oh it like snaps your brain pain was just like feeling pressure rhythm whatever it is just like it’s something that like is in the forefront of your brain’s background processes can work for you not really yeah I feel like it just keeps the background stuff working on that instead of like distractions or something like or stressors or anxieties or you know as humans we are we are creatures of habit and we we have strong strong connections to our memories in a way where it’s cramping up where we are isn’t really you switch sides you do those the lefthand different oh my god you’re almost there you only need like ten more of these bad I know but like they all this all this hard work will pay off they say that like alright if you’re allowed to listen to music while you take a test or if you’re allowed to you know or something with that then like I mean like if you study too if you if you’re studying for tests and like you’re allowed to listen to headphones which nowadays would never fly because smartphones you can just sit there and go alright here’s how here’s how yeah carbohydrates are formed beautifully we’re allowed to do that with a Walkman in the 80s you could have done the same thing right but the idea but so the idea being like if you listen to the same kind of music or the same songs while studying a thing over and over again all you have to do then is like alright now I’m taking my or go test and now let’s see what we’re talking about like photo lipids alright I don’t know literally the first thing about this one or go is organic you don’t know and photo lipids are as far as I can tell not a real thing I think of you listening to risk losing a white based fats yeah yes yeah any photo with me as a photo lipid but if you’re like alright let’s see what was i alright so are your playlist was like alright we didn’t start the fire it’s like alright so that’s what I was doing I was studying this when I was studying you know I see oh you make those neurons fire similarly from here smell smell is the strongest we have associated with our memories is rude that’s why if you if you know if someone makes a home-cooked meal that is very similar to one that you had growing up it’s gonna like really bring back a lot of those emotions and memories and things and it catches you off guard sometimes to just like like oh I didn’t think of that person like somebody mentioned a kid I went to like third grade with you know who like moved away and none of us ever saw again right now but like somebody mentioned him the other day and I was like holy and just like path my childhood flooded back to me yeah because it accessed that quadrant of my memory that just like hasn’t been used for a while there’s certain like bands or songs or music that will immediately bring him back to very specific moments chaudhuri yeah I mean there was actually there was a girl that I dated for what so she’s dead now who knows I haven’t spoken to her in like seven years yeah you can’t speak to a corpse Rick I know so but no be so if you’ve never heard of this guy DJ earworm he never heard of a guy named DJ or why he’s except for maybe you’ve probably talked about it before and I did not pay attention so so by the way what got him popular was he at the end of every year he would do a he would do a mash-up called the united states of the united state of pop and it would be the the Billboard top 25 hits of the year and he would mash them up into one like three to four minutes thing and they were very good Oh me and Sara listen to them on the way back from Connecticut like a month ago and we just listened to them all chained together and it was like half the ride back was that and we enjoyed it for the most part I the one that I loved the most was I think the one from 2009 called we I think it’s called we got the pop we got the pop I think that was the one yeah and it’s a it’s a it’s a really really good it’s it they’re really really good mashup I think it’s the best one that he ever did and I showed this to a girl that I was dating in like mm I don’t know 11 ish she broke up with you on the spot she hated it she hated it not because the mashup was bad but because it reminded her of 2009 and that was a bad year for her and so all it did was remind her of her ex and going through personal that was happening when she listened to those songs I was like okay I’ll switch this away like I can turn this off she’s like no I want to hear the rest of his like are you are you sure cause she’s weeping again you’re already like oh god oh god I was like I can stop this like I have the power I’ve to take the power was this the one you didn’t like it all kind of yeah yeah yeah she sucked yeah I was I it was it was a really weird point in my life with her I remember yelling you dude she sucks even like the night after we hung out oh sure it’s a heart in a nice I’m your buddy I’m helping you out to swallow yeah but like it was it was one we’re like it was a it was a rebound move of course in a major major way and we all been there it was a it was something that I regretted like instantly upon getting in the situation I’ve made a terrible I mean I talked about before I wasn’t I wasn’t very proud of how that one ended no no I think I think you she called you and you just hit ignore and huh then you blocked her number she jokes you’re dead nope she was supposed to what a baller move she was supposed to uh she was supposed to come up for our friend huh or my friend Holly’s uh birthday which was in early January and I had been thinking for like two months that I wanted to break off the relationship but I just wasn’t enjoying stuff at all and it was bad and so the day of the party around noon I called her she was at work and I felt the biggest asshole in the world for doing this I’m not I’m not going to defend what I did but I just was like I don’t think it’s working I really I I that because I called her at work to break up with her was it and included the kit like included the cavea to please don’t come to this party tonight Oh is she originally gonna go she was originally going to come up to where I lived for the party well it’s not the worst way the worst way is the voicemail but like yeah yeah text is far better text is actually pretty humane like I know it’s a faux pas socially but I would imagine it’s better than a phone call at work phone call it work yeah pretty bad well with a with a text you get to like if someone texted me and said I’m dumping you you get to read it digest it yeah you can figure out yeah catch me off guard it work I might start screaming or bawling or something yes she was obviously upset justifiably so yeah totally yeah I felt like a I spent the entire day up to that point going I have there’s gotta be a better way to do this but I was like it needs to happen today i carrier pigeon died so it’s my only option yeah well i mean i was like i if i if she comes up i’m gonna be miserable i might literally break up with her at a party which based on previous party experiences with her was going would have resulted in really bad so it was just bad all the crazy ones are always crazy you know it’s sad sometimes we try to look past it but they’re crazy I mean yeah I don’t know she’s my bait the is it bad that what one of one of my bigger regrets I don’t say my biggest regret but one of the things that I regret about the way that it went down and this is so selfish and stupid and I know that this sounds bad because it is bad was no not even borrowed my she borrowed my I bought a copy of the grey album which was the mashup of jay-z’s blackout black album and the Beatles White Album on vinyl it was it was hard to get it was an original pressing that is expensive and I got crazy luck like I got it for like 60 bucks and at the time it was it was going for like five or six hundred huh so and she borrowed it and that was around Christmas and I never got it back back dude I want I’m you know hello I thought you were gonna say like so you just never got it back I never got it back oh well that’s my ball one of the high right now I roll I hey can you phone I run it again right ironically one of the final straws to me and the relationship was she borrowed it and when she borrowed it I was very like clear about like look this is a super rare album there’s they only pressed like 300 of them in total like this is hard to find it’s super expensive to replace please please please be careful with this this means a lot to me this is one of the most expensive things I own and I and I haven’t even had a chance to listen to it yet because I wanted to like make some time to sit down and do it so she borrowed it and she was like okay I’ll take good care of it and I go to her parents place up in up in New Hampshire and like we’re just hanging out and stuff and and I look and there’s there’s the album and there’s the the the casing and the casing has this nice massive crease in and I was like oh how could you what ah like I’m trying to contain myself because my dad’s in the next room and I’m like I can’t replace that like oh no you never let anyone borrow anything valuable well just kind of alright being just kind of hurt me because I made it really clear to her how much it meant to me but we’ve already established she sucks if if someone doesn’t have any respect for your for you for your things and they don’t have any respect for you I think I mentioned or towards my dad hey like if they’re just gonna sounded like a very dad thing to say yeah well maybe it is I guess so I just like it that if that if they’re gonna treat like something that’s very important to you like that then how are they gonna treat you similarly yeah and I mean mr.

Makris have you invent you mistakes happen accidents happen and if you’re confronted with that a good thing to do is one apologize yes say you’re like oh my god I’m so sorry I’m so sorry like I tripped and bent it or whatever like he’s telling you something but yeah it’s just like if you get past him it’s like sorry it’s like so so look at it like so looking like this though it’s not worth anything now anyway so it doesn’t really matter you don’t need it back I mean it’s not worth anything because I don’t have it anymore that original pressing is still probably worth a lot I mean the album is still there but the the case definitely helped but sleeve so that’s where I’m thinking sleeve yeah yeah kids I feel like it would be pretty tough to bend a vinyl album yeah I have no idea what hat would wanted happening with that because we haven’t spoken since then again for good reason she probably sold it she probably uh you probably are sitting in a box somewhere I just sold it my I get my guess is that she probably sold it I have I have no idea or I would have I mean I anything I mean eped it cuz that’s cool thing to have yeah I mean am I going the right way where the uh I got lost I think you’re going the wrong way yeah Jeepers Creepers I still feel like even if somebody dumped me after at least a couple months I’d be like all right do you want this stuff back like oh yeah because I feel like that’s what people should do yeah absolutely Oh honestly don’t steal from them anything like even it’s too late been oh yeah when we break up I know you’re gonna keep all my your true colors are here now yeah what about right here you’re going the wrong way can I go up here you want to go up to the left I know I know I know yeah no I don’t know I I’m glad that’s that chapter is behind me yeah Sara seems way cooler yes yeah and I know by like a million a million billion times she’s awesome here yep this is there anyway you wanna go up to the right yeah these are the guys I thought it was yeah do did you get to 30 on everything uh I think I do pretty close if you’re not there like I should know yes I’ll double check to make sure all right we did it it only took two hours but we yeah I got what we wanted the worst part is up until the Sun of something it’s like wow we’re making a we got through like three side quests in one this isn’t even experience crying which is the annoying part I mean you’re getting experience it’s not much yeah let’s go buy those Ruby mails oh god it’s garbage hot right yeah the end of this episode right uh I don’t know how you split emission of good this is demo even in a couple episodes at this point I think we’ll come back next time we’ll get the Ruby mail we’ll go fight son of son and then I don’t know what we’ll do after that we’ll have like a Kartik we’ll figure it out later [Music] you.

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