Whirlpool 60WEquivalent LED Bulb 5pack

bulbs with LED light bulbs and it now i will tell you to whether it be a lamp bulb overhead fixtures outside or indoors i have a house in Miami that was my moms and i put a there's a pole in the front yard and i want to make sure that that light comes on every night but there's nothing worse than when that bulb burns out so i've got these out there and the LED bulbs over the garage they're great because you don't want to get out of 12 foot ladder every couple of months to replace the bulb plus they burn wider they burn cooler they are so much more energy efficient and really the government is now taking legislation on slowly and gradually eliminating incandescent you only be led you can no longer import anything higher than a 75 watt bulb no longer you can't buy 100 you people about thousands and thousands they got them in warehouses they'll be available eventually there won't be anything over 75 watts available I want to show you another thing that goes on with with with these bulbs ok this is CFL I want you to watch this lamp I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm going to start to dim this light CFLs don't dim and this is what happens when you try to dim them they begin to flicker like crazy now I want you to watch I'm going to dim this incandescent that's showing up on camera I don't even think it was really flickering if we turn the lights down it'll certainly show up thing I think we may have to do that and in order to show it because you can see it's flickering and that's the day so you try I'm trying to dim this bulb and you can see that it's just I mean it's see it flickering that is that is annoying I wouldn't want that I'm going to turn these off so you can really see it I think you almost have to yeah is it flickering on camera IQ we can't tell in the studio as so funny is a truck during at home but it's flickering out here is it flickering folks absolutely ok here now I'm going to turn this one off now I want you to watch here is our incandescent bulb you see how yellow this is I love this little bit cooler like this little whiter light but I'm going to dim these bulbs now watch here goes the incandescent and here goes the whirlpool wow they both dim exactly the same the only thing is is that this one gets yellower when it dims the light color stayed very constant with the LED bulb soap in your home if you want mood lighting or maybe you just don't any course if you only use an eight and have lots of electricity when you dip the bulb down you're using less even so this thing is going to work plus it last 22 and a half think about that 22 years if you use it the average that people use one in a home if you're 80 years old if you're 70 years old the bulbs will be burning for years to come appellant and look this is the number of bulbs it will replace just replace your bulbs with LED I suggest you do it not only for the cost efficiency of saving money on your electric bill but the aggravation of not having to climb ladders to replace you know ceiling fan lights and overhead lights and lights that you've got and get those cans in your bathroom here's the thing and you may be thinking yourself what's this do it on a Christmas gift show this doesn't make any sense for let me tell you something this is a gift that you can give the handyman you can give your kids this is a gift that keeps on giving because not only this bulb lasts and it will replace a hundred and twenty five of these bulbs but it also saves eighty-five percent on your electric bill for every one of these you use a over and above and incandescent bulb the average home has 40 light bulbs in it think about the savings of eighty-five percent per bulb 440 lat bulbs well 22.

8 years that's 25, 000 hours at a dollar a year a savings of a hundred and forty dollars replace them you're pleasuring addition to mention the hassle the gas and trips to the store the inconvenience of incandescent okay well we've got to go to is your break our thank you so much.

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