Whirlpool 60WEquivalent LED Bulb 5pack

what the silly guy to be this happens to be kerry mcnally and Kari brings to us some really terrific solution driven products and today we're going to be talking about one that's going to save you money make you look beautiful yes really nice and that certainly is going to be more energy efficient we're going to be offering to our whirlpool 60 watt equivalent LED bulb five pack and i want you to see what's in front of us and we want to talk about these because right out the gate you can see all the gold stars at the top it is a incredible customer pick as a matter fact if you own these already give us a call we have previously sold them at 6995 they're half off fifty percent off a dollar ninety-five shipping and handling and they're on flex pay this is such an extraordinary savings today that all day long we have been recommending that people buy two and three sets of these and here's why one bulb will last you 22 88 years based on three hours per day usage now I'm going to give you a moment to digest that for a moment yeah because that's pretty incredible when you hear that 22 plus years yeah you can see the evolution happening right there that photograph underneath that one same light bulb went from a baby coming home from the hospital to a toddler to a child to a young lady in high school and now graduating from college 22.

8 years incredible that means that with every five pack that you order tonight you're going to save over seven hundred dollars in energy costs because it doesn't just last 22.

8 years it saves you eighty-five percent and the average household has 20 to 40 lightbulbs so if you get say three packs that's 15 bulbs that's over 2100 dollars in savings right to the chase and why these incandescent bulbs are so inefficient this is an incandescent bulb right here it burns so hot that you can bake with it did you have one of those little easy-bake ovens when you were kids right how could you bake in a box with a light bulb because here's why I'm going to take its temperature live on the air here's why because it's at 316 degrees Fahrenheit now conversely here is the Whirlpool light bulb my gosh take the same temperature it gives it's the same light it never will get above your body temperature 91 degrees Fahrenheit expose that's why it saves eighty-five percent i can grab this light bulb and i can list this lamp up if i grab this light bulb i'm going to get second or get burns now let's talk about that eighty-five percent savings this is the energy meter right here on the incandescent bulb and what's it pulling close to 70 what is it got 70 watts of power right can you guys see 60 watts of power right now here is this is the Whirlpool bulb okay less than nine which is advertised to pull yeah it's 8.

1 so that's eighty-five percent over the next twenty two point eight years that's eighty five percent singing so that is the reason why you want to pick these up guys number one to get that type of savings and energy costs potentially is huge not only that the type of beautiful soft light it delivers and I was saying to carry when I walk into the studio there is something about these lights that is going to make everything so much warmer so much softer so much more fluid in your homes ultimately you look better absolutely under these lights and they're going to produce up to 800 lumens which is directly what you're going to get in traditional 60 watt bulbs except that they're gonna save you energy you won't have to be bothered with them for the next 22 years half off they are half off and you can find these these bulbs are increasingly becoming more and more popular out there yes sir more expensive than in traditional lights but look at what they're going to deliver in energy cost savings they're going to make your home look more beautiful and this is perhaps the best value that we have offer you get a five pack today and with that dollar ninety-five shipping and handling most people are buying more than one by two three four sets as this type of value and the flex pay expires tonight at midnight yeah and the beauty of it too is it's a warm comforting flattering lighting yes off white light that you can work under you can read under its dimmable by the way fun and I want to give you little history lesson real quick let's walk through this for you folks at home this right here is an incandescent bulb and this was established back with Edison first invented the light bulb not much has changed really in over a hundred years when he invented it down there at Fort Myers it is a furnace it's an oven it wastes ninety percent of its energy in heat distribution it's basically look like a furnace that just happens to be bright that's basically what it is so then we thought we got to do better than that so we created this this is a CFL the curlicue right this is a CFL it's a compact fluorescent light this is no different than the compact fluorescent light bulb that you have at the office over your head and the dental it kind of gives you a headache the other part of it too is it has mercury in it it's a nightmare to dispose of and when you turn it over it doesn't look very good in the socket you can't put a lampshade on it right it doesn't work it's not happening and this is the future today whirlpool an iconic american brand that's been around for almost a century this is cooler will save you eighty-five percent on your energy and will last 22.

8 years the next time you have to climb the ladder will be 2 plus m at games from now and that's why everybody buys two three four sets length because the average household has about 20 to 40 light bulbs imagine the peace of mind and how about when we chased our tail when we have a multi bulb fixture and over the course of the year one goes out and then you climb up and then the other one goes out and the other one goes out it's just it's crazy we're better than this and the other part of this to Marlo and you know this we talked about this in the green room these are being phased out by the government we passed the national energy security and efficiency act these will no longer be available in the next couple of years you won't be able to buy incandescent bulbs anyway and take a look at this stack here Marlo this represents all the bulbs that you will not will not have to buy when you buy 15 pack so if you bought three packs you'd have three sleeves of this and this also represents not just a lot of waste not just a nightmare for the environment but also how many trips back and forth to the store in you know fuel costs and all that other stuff right the other part of this is when you drop one of these they shatter there's shrapnel every yeah these are shatterproof so it's a win-win-win across the board and that's why they've been so wildly popular not just as far as people purchasing them but then after they get them back to say I look so much better yeah it's very flattering the lights see there's a CFL that doesn't look anything thank you put that in a hurry in them and they're not dimmable you can't dim a CFL light bulb and they only last about seven years and when you have a multi fixture a multi bulb fixture like this how many times are you going up and down to that ladder this way you get a bunch of them today and you go up that ladder once for the next two decades so we are very limited in what we have in inventory we have sold close to 500 of them you get the five pack what a tremendous value easily even if this were the full price of 6995 when you think about 22 years you think about the energy costs that you could potentially save of upwards of eighty five percent and I love carries point he's so right going up and down getting on the ladder changing it out you don't have to worry about anything for the next twenty two and a half years they're dimmable they instant they're instantly bright there's no warmup time like you said with a lot of the other lights I love that they're shatterproof and they're half off so when we are saying by more than one we're saying that because normally you're paying double the price for the exact same thing so if there's ever been a time to just go and recall the whole house and make your whole home energy efficient and modern this is the most efficient and economical and easy way to do it and you can do it all for twenty dollars on flexpay so buy more than one the flexpay goes away tonight at midnight you think about your meter and you think about how expensive they electric bills and power bills are here is a way for you to see some real saving some tangible savings on your bin yeah if you just do the math with each one of these bulbs and you think that in times it by five over the course of the next 22.

8 years your five pack just the five pack will save you approximately seven hundred dollars in energy costs because remember this incandescent bulb and this whirlpool bulb this is eighty-five percent more efficient it's pulling eighty-five percent less energy you can see it right here on this meter this right here is pulling 60 watts this is pulling 8.

2 wats imagine that over the course of 22.

8 years that's why we can say on live television and we have to substantiate this stuff you can save up to seven hundred dollars per five pack so if you got the safe three packs today you're buying three packs on the farm just give me three packs that's twenty one hundred dollars in savings over the next two decades to point 22.

8 years so these pay for themselves these are going out of style you can't you won't be able to buy the federal government is is not going to allow them to be imported into the United States these are unsightly they only last about seven years they're also incredibly expensive and they have mercury in them so they're a nightmare to dispose of and this is the future from an iconic american brand whirlpool a name we know and we trust and one of the things that we did when we put the pricing structure together was we went to a supermarket and a couple of the big-box hardware stores and we went there with a clipboard and we SAT there and we looked at this wall of all of these options and we said okay this is this this is okay then it would realize this is a nightmare how do you possibly figure out what to do so that's what we really pride ourselves on we work with HSN to simplify things let's make it very simple this will say the 85 cent percent in energy costs they're going to last 22.

8 years they're super cool to the point where I can reach and touch the bowl terrific right if I touch this I'm going to burn my hand and then the light is prettier it's so big was softer flatter and warm it's flattering it's a it makes your home look that much more inviting and that's what you want as well so there are all sorts of wins so let me give you an update we have so close to 800 of them there are only two thousand to go around at this half off phrase and that might seem like a lot in your world but I will tell you that quantity could easily go in one show if you're really serious about saving money about being more energy-efficient about not having to worry about changing out a light bulb in a pendant light a lamp not at all lighter your your bathroom your light fixtures your ceiling fan light getting up and down on ladders which is scary and no matter where you are or who you are you do it complete no shattering with these remember that that's not an issue you can see how durable they are then this is smart this is where shopping is smart it's a feel-good purchase because you're one in your done and I so hope that you're gonna do the entire house imagine being able to go through because these are 60 watts which is the number one selling wattage all homes 6e watch you've got five here imagine during your entire home and not ever having to worry about it again not for the next 22 years yeah as you so let's save 2100 hours and go 60 bucks on flexpay right 60 muscle flex three to save 20 hundred dollars because remember with each 5 pack that you get you save over seven hundred dollars in energy costs and costs and I know when they're one minute left but I want it once again if you're just tuning in here's why incandescent bulbs are so efficient in efficient it's because they burn so hot so hot in fact you can bake with them when you were a little girl you probably had an easy bake oven right look at that 314 degrees Fahrenheit and this is your whirlpool bulb they never ever get above body temperature this is 91 degrees different that's why I can grab this and pick this up and that's why these are 85% eighty-five percent more energy efficient or I would not miss it this is a chance of a lifetime those gold stars at the top mean a lot that means that customers and we've sold tens of thousands of these here at HSN love this pro product when you think about how what an investment this product is at sixty nine dollars and for it to at that price become a customer pick meaning customers love the product love it you know that it does exact actually what it says it will do your advantage today is that you can pay half the price and that is for the next 1000 people that are calling it almost a thousand are gone and we now have fewer than 2000 remaining for the entire country at this price with a dollar ninety-five shipping stuck up save be more energy efficient witness perhaps up to potentially eighty-five percent savings on your energy bill shatterproof dimmable and they instantly light up your home and they make you look more beautiful so Kerry's going to hang out with me a little while longer we've got more to come stay with us.

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