Whirlpool 60WEquivalent LED Bulb 5pack

going to be me sometimes other people other times but we are always going to be here at 3am and we are bringing you what we call our 10 favorite items of the day and how do we decide that well it's got to meet certain criteria it's got to be something exciting something that we love something that is like this item right here so we all know that those incandescent bulbs are going to be a thing of the past what are we substituting we are substituting those curly bulbs that we see honestly I don't think that they look that great and also it is a different kind of a light what we have here from whirlpool is the equivalent of an incandescent bulb that has 60 watts of illumination led instead five year warranty but one bulb this is this is going to blow your mind one bulb 22.

8 years that is pretty crazy and the manufacturer gives you a five year warranty so if you've ever dropped a look first of all you ever dropped a light bulb obviously they smash them in a glass this is made out of a very strong substance that is that is you know resistance if you drop it on the floor it probably will bounce it is not you know so there's that it's not going to break now the other thing is one of these bulbs this bold listen to this 22.

8 years that is how long it's going to last you're getting one two three four five of them and what I like about it is ok you know so forgive me i'm very very old-school about things and i like kind of like you know you know country cottage home victorian decorating I don't want one of those incandescent bulbs that has that kind of fluorescent lighting I want one that looks I mean one of the old one of the newfangled two early ones I want one that looks like the old incandescent bulbs but I wanted to have that 60 watt glow that warm light and that is what this has it is going to save you not only money on not buying light bulbs to the next 22.

8 years but it is also going to help your light bill because your power bill excuse me because you're using less power to have the same illumination it is really pretty incredible so you may not have a statistics of how much money you spent on a light bulb throughout the year but you will notice it that you're not buying them and that your bill is going to go down and this is you know a standard size this is the kind of standard size for you know a standard lamp you know most lamps most bulbs this is the most common size bulb and it is brand-new you guys have seen the very first presentation in 10 faves so you're not getting one you're getting one two three four five so for the next 22 years this is all you have to do it instantly brightens with no warmup time too so it is like click on and off just like an incandescent bulb it illuminates your house beautiful you know see it's got that soft white light it doesn't have like that harsh kind of fluorescent light look this is you know you're kind of looking through this bedroom and kind of a time warp as time goes on no one has changed that light bulb you know you joke around like oh you know my husband can't you know he's not mr.

fixer-upper came in change a light bulb guess what you don't even need him to fix the light bulb he doesn't even have to change a light bulb 22 years will go by it can be used on any place indoors that use traditional incandescent light bulbs you're going to save more than eighty percent of the electricity so not only do you not have to buy a light bulb for the next 22 years it is eighty percent savings in your electric bill so replace all of the bulbs really I mean it's pretty incredible you know you're saying we'll wait a minute fifty dollars for light bulbs you're getting five of them and they last 22.

8 years that is based on using them three hours a day also you're using eighty percent less electricity so your light bulbs is going to go down but more importantly your electric bill is going to go down eighty percent for your light bulbs now this is what a lot of people are getting there getting those curly lights they don't have that same look as these and that is what whirlpool is done it is created that pretty look it is created that soft look and you know and I think about that chandelier it looks like they need to change one of the bulbs in that you know maybe you have to get up on a ladder you have to you know I can tell you that changing a light bulb is not my favorite job in the world I don't have time for that every 22 years i think i can get around to it that's what you have with this so I wish every chore that I had in my house I only had to do every 22 years a full presentation of these guys very limited 7am 2 flexpay of 24 dot 98 cents i think everyone who works here at HSN is going to be picking this.

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