Whirlpool 60WEquivalent LED Bulb 5pack

alright we have something that I know is going to make you jump up and Cheer how would you like for today to be the last time you had to change a light bulb how would you like that how would you like it if I told you you could change a light bulb today and you would not have to change that light bulb until again until twenty thirty seven that is 22 years from now I know you're like really Tamra really there is a light bulb that will last 22 years there is now thanks to whirlpool this is the 60 watt equivalent LED bulb five packs you're getting five light bulbs and actually let me stand over here of course I went straight to the light because I love light but you're getting the five pack and it comes right here and these can fit into your your sockets and your lamps and things of that nature but what you're looking at right here what makes them different is it these use nine watts of power to produce 800 lumens it saves more than eighty percent of the electricity needed for what you would use for your traditional incandescent bulbs and they last for 22 years with average use we have got a lot to share with you in art Massey is joining us this morning to give us all the details and our I like the idea of not having to worry about light bulbs any more time I'll tell you what I just bought five for myself to take home and I tell you I just five instead of replacing everything in my house which you could certainly do but every time I looked in the kitchen and there's a bull burger yeah and I said well I believe I'll just get some whirlpool bulbs and now replace it with the LED because I will never in my lifetime art at my age I will probably never have to change that bulb again if you think about that I mean we've actually got up we've got a little a video for you to watch here that kind of depicts the life and what happens with your family let's say you have a child okay you have a baby and and this baby is born and then she goes to school and then she goes to high school and then she goes to college yeah and then she's an adult and could have a baby of her own oh my god I still and the original light bulb look at this she starts there is little extra of little baby girl toddler growing up cue to shoot me now she's now she's gone to school playing soccer you know my grandson does that loves it but not now now he's a spell called College in high school and look how beautiful she's got right really pretty lady and then she's grown up and you have never had to replace that light bulb 22 and a half years of life that's enough can we see this look at this five of these bulbs right here five of these bulb the Whirlpool LED and i want to say the brand again so you understand whirlpool quality number one appliance manufacturer in the country these guys know what they're doing these five bulbs replace a hundred Wow and 25 incandescent bulbs now think about that for a second gosh that's a hundred and twenty-five times that you have unscrewed and screwed in a new bulb let's call it 50 trips to the store to buy light bulbs let I'm een do you have to climb a ladder you know those kinds of things and not only that but you know these are these are you know didn't you got to get rid of them there's always the potential that you'll drop them and break them I'm not going to drop one of those because i don't want glass but i want you to watch this okay can i drop this bow let's see without it breaking oh you can't do that you can't go get don't try that at home unless you have the whirlpool bulbs that we have for you right here did you know not a scratch not a crack and it still works you cannot do that with any other bulb and look at that if you have to get up on the ladder and change it wouldn't you like to not have to do that again absolutely Wow now I want you to watch this okay all right this is my whirlpool light bulb right in here this is an incandescent bulb right here which is put your hand in there touch that book don't oh wow because it's very good I almost got you on that with it now put your hand down in there and grab the world is this it this is not it oh yeah it's not hot at all it's not hot and all the way around it heat is the enemy of incandescent bulbs that's what kills them because this bulb is probably around 200 degrees this is probably like it 60 or 70 degrees so that's why they last as long plus it's cool and this is the bulb I just dropped I want to take a real chance right here I want you to lunch this is real chance look I drop the bulb on the table the bub then fell off the table onto the hardwood floor and guess what it's still working still works and it is going to keep on working and keep on working i want to show you to the light the light that you get from these is a beautiful white little this is an incandescent bulb like the standard one you probably have in your house now this is that this is the whirlpool LED and this is a CFL now these light the incandescent and the Whirlpool we've designed the bulb so that so that the colors are basically similar the brightness of the light and I don't know if you can see it on TV but the bulb the CFL bulbs that you get look white when you buy them but I know Tamara can see the difference you can clearly the light colors this is more yellow where this is this is really whiter and clear and I cooler looking it is the kind of life that does not make you tired so if you got this in your office if you are studying by this light it is going to be a cleaner light if you're trying to choose your clothes and decide is do I have a black and a blue sock or they both the same color you're going to want the white light to do that you know something we haven't said is not only are you going to save the money from purchasing a hundred and twenty-five light bulbs over the period of the next 22 years you're also going to save eighty percent of the energy consumption here look look at the Whirlpool loving the electric meter turning see that look at that's electrical consumption that's costing you money every time that turns now look at the incandescent bulb or was it goes you're using eighty percent more electricity with every incandescent bulb you have the new with this whirlpool LED the average home has 40 lightbulbs in it estimated so that means is going around going crazy time for tea that is why mom always said when you leave the room turn off the light because she had to pay that electricity bill every month right now you can see the difference here we are talking about energy efficiency that's something that we're all interested in right now that's exactly right because you know over a period of the 22 years with this 5 pack you can probably save several hundred dollars on your energy bills not to mention the cost of the additional income incandescent bulbs that you would buy if if these were fifty cents apiece yeah just in which they aren't but if they were fifty cents apiece you'd still be looking at you know it's sixty seventy dollars instead of 4995 for this five pack we also have a three pack okay that's available if you call in and you say well I don't know I'll try three there 3995 so you can always buy those but this five pack is the way I went because I'll tell you i'll bet you in my house and you'll have to i bet i replace a bulb every two or three weeks easily burns out you know it is funny because you know when one burns out you know the minute you get out go to the store buy another bowl get back home pull out the ladder and fix that would put it all away in a day or two another one is going to burn out your the same thing over and over you lately watch this i want to show you some of you keep cycling no i just wanted to remind you and you're getting five of them and when we say 22 years that is per bulb we are not saying the 5-pack overall you add it up and it is 22 22 years per bulb this bump yeah there is a hundred and twenty years of light Oh about that you you never heard that before because there's never been a product that you could say that about until right now and if you have the last time you're down the light bulb aisle like in the home store it is literally you need a map and a degree in electricity to buy a light bulb in the light bulb oil and that's exactly the whirlpool why I have all of these can you see all that I mean how girls would you decide what you wanted because none of these and you'll see all different types of flavors and sizes and all that kind of stuff in the stores how do you know what to buy well what you buy is you buy a bulb that looks exactly like the incandescent bulb that you purchased but it's led it saves eighty percent under energy costs it last twenty two and a half years the average light of an average life of an incandescent bulb is one year okay so these guys are giving what I don't know how many times the life that you get with this but I mean it's this is just a super value let me show you a little something else about about and people say well I like these okay I like these compact CFLs when you throw one of these it's got mercury in it well I didn't know that oh yeah so every one of these things that goes in the ground and breaks is taking mercury with it into the soil which leeches itself into the water system that's not good for the environment but also you got one of these guys how in the world do you put a lampshade on that you don't you can't wear whereas the Whirlpool LED bulb it just looks like your traditional level just like I could as always no snaps right in and you are good and it's so fun i'm glad that you mentioned that you because I've never been able to get used to these I mean I know that people say that this is the this is the way to go I've never been able to get used to them and now I want you to go ahead and I want you to you know with the whirlpool what I love is that they made them to look and function like our traditional light bulbs that we have always known that our lampshades already fit that already you know fit our our lighting fixtures and our chandeliers but it just lasts longer so literally you're buying something that you don't have to buy again wouldn't you love if you can buy one car not have to buy another one or buy one pair of shoes or buy one tube of lipstick and not have to buy another one if we get the lights down just a little bit lower want to show you something else to this is a compact cfl bulb the whirlpools are dimmable they're fully dimmable just like an incandescent bulb but if you look at this led I mean if you look at the CFL bulb and you see all this flickering that's going on that's what happens when you try to demo CFL but when you dim the Whirlpool bulb you can dim it right down I'm going to turn this one off I'm it right down just like an incandescent bus look at the difference in the flavors this is dimmed but it's still that nice light wear this one has turned absolutely yellow yes yes and now this one is you know it may be mood but it is not even it is not functional anymore this one the Whirlpool will stay functional whether it is dimmed or at full brightness that's right and you're getting five of them I keep reminding you we do have a three pack if you want but I think for most of us just like art said most of us have you know between the lighting fixtures that we have in each room and the lamps that we have in each room of five multiple five packs are going to be the best thing for you the fact that you just plug the you know twist these on just like normal there is no like extra installation it is a light bulb but whirlpool did all of the heavy lifting and now they've created a light bulb that can last 22 to be exact 22.

8 years when you use it you know like you would average Lee use a light bulb you're saving more than eighty percent of the electricity needed for the traditional incandescent bulbs so I don't have to change a light bulb until twenty thirty seven right I don't have to spend more money on electricity right I'm going to get clean comfortable beautiful white light right what could I not want and you know what else what you don't have to climb a ladder to change a bulb and you don't have to bug your hubby while he's trying to watch the baggage to change a light bulb will be concerned when he's up on the ladder I'm trying to hold make sure it doesn't fold out before we run out of time I want to come back here for just a minute and have a look-see back here we actually have a pole lamp that you can see right here and we have a table lamp and what we've done is we've put actual voltage measurement devices down here can we see those okay if you look over here with the standard table lamp in two 60-watt bulb I mean screws me the Whirlpool bulb we're using 8.

9 watts of electricity to get the same light that we get from a 60-watt incandescent bulb but look what the incandescent bulb is using 61 wats you're talking eighty to eighty-five percent less electrical consumption you're talking saving the money from having to buy and replace a hundred and twenty-five yeah all right and you know we're talking 50 trips to the grocery store to the big-box store to buy that stuff and then tries you said trying to decide what to buy is the hard part it is and look at the difference between that is you know the electrical meter just running running running on a traditional light bulb and I know that when you woke up this morning you probably believe we're not thinking about well I'm going to buy some light bulbs but these are the kind of things at every home every house every dorm room every apartment building everyone needs and like I said especially even if you get them for the light fixtures at our very high up and you find yourself constantly those old house loads where you can look up in the outside he saw a ceiling fan the other den so much screwed a compact CFL in their ugly it's go ahead and get your five pack and get them on flex pay and I know that you're going to love them so 2037 mark it on your calendar that's the next time you'll have to change these light bulbs that's 22 years all right thank you so much better thank you I thank you folks to you'll enjoy the use of great.

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