Whirlpool 60WEquivalent LED Bulb 5pack

prove the you know the warmth of cleanliness of your home and I got to tell you this is an amazing value this is the first time we have ever done our whirlpool LD led five pack of lights in a five pack we used to do in a three pack completely sold out we got all we got people call us i wish you bring those back at you bring them back again why because they last do you know this bulb these bulbs here on average use will last 22.

8 years it is nothing how often do you replace your lightbulbs and we'll talk to you that again and again the average bulb here will last you 22.

8 years and this is a fantastic illustration right here what we wanted to show you check it out so you see one bulb as a baby growing getting older now a young woman bulbs still there still shining same bulb college student 22 getting ready to graduate college 22.

8 years and that same bulb is there i'm going to give this your art Massey out here because I think we got to start talking about this first of all it's good to see you my friend who you never had the privilege of presenting this with you but not only is this going to save us money but compared to traditional you know the regular hot bulbs that are out there on the market themselves out in the matter sometimes weeks months they don't even last this is a whole different type of technology it really is and studies have been done that showed that the regular an average incandescent bulb lasts about a year yeah that mean babies baby that means you're going to be climbing a ladder standing on a chair whatever you're doing having to go to the store and buy these things and and and you know what this 5 pack replaces can we look over here replaces a hundred and twenty-five incandescent bulbs I want you to think about the cost this right here of this right here this 15 packs one replaces 125 of these guys 25 a bulb and I want you to do you know just do the purchase cost math on that real quick you know what you pay for a light bulb do the purchase cost math but now I want to talk about energy savings this is a big deal and I'll tell you why because the government passed regulations and in 2012 we kept this country can no longer import 100 watt or 75 watt incandescent light bulbs because they consume so much energy and hey that's the government whether you agree with that deal or not that's the way it is well LED light bulbs and other types of energy saving bulbs book but particularly LED light bulbs save up to eighty-five percent on the cost of heat of you know keeping your house lit the Whirlpool buff I mean what what else could we say about the brand oh yeah give me a break and you can see what I've had my Whirlpool dishwasher for so many years I can't even count we're a million whirlpool is in millions of home they were absolutely one of the premier manufacturers of appliances know when you buy whirlpool you're getting the best in quality and and you're also getting a great deal I want to do just a couple of things for you right now first of all I want to talk a little bit about energy savings if we can come over here we've actually set up a couple of lamps in here and what you're going to see when you look at these meters is you're actually going to see the power consumption that's going on with with these bulbs if you look at if you look at our table lamp here this has a regular 60-watt bulb in it and if we can get in on the meter you're going to see that we're using about 60 watts of electricity when we get down there and we're going to show you that here in just one second but if you look at this table I mean look at this pole lamp over here that actually has the Whirlpool bulb in it you're going to see that that bulb is using 7.

3 wats that's over eighty-five percent less energy consumption alright we going to cover did we see do we get to see that get to show you that the exact amount so because I want to walk over because I cannot take Ryan this is this is that this is the table wats to run 60 watt light bulb and it's using about 60 watts of energy when you look over here at this bulb and this pole lamp has the Whirlpool bulb we're using 77.

2 what let me tell you what that means to multiply that time as a bunch about light bulbs in your house right I'm going to do it just one light bulb in the life of this bulb you can save up around a hundred and forty dollars on electricity for the life of the Bulls now if the average home and this is an FTC Department of Energy thing the average home that's about 40 light bulbs in it right if you multiply that one hundred and forty forty you're looking it's better than having the savings accounts for thousands and thousands of dollars you'll save over that over that same amount of time and I don't know about you but just trying to just it's one of those jobs you can't stand doing you know light bulbs will pop and you run and they run so dang hot all the time can't touch and burn your fingers you're going to love how these look the only issue I've ever had with some of the le LED lights though art is the fact that you know you kind of just one light all the time you can you can't turn them up or turn them down these aren't these are different right well that's exactly right and we're going to demonstrate that this is a regular 60-watt incandescent bulb that you're going to see right here in this globe okay okay yep regular 60-watt bulb now I'm going to dim it okay we might need to bring the house lights down a little bit guys yet cuz we can't even sit there we go thank you regular 60-watt bulb now I'm going to start to dimage you see how it dims down mm-hmm okay so we can get you know if we want mood lighting maybe we're having it you know something but maybe we're watching TV or whatever now there's another type of bulb out there that's pretty energy-efficient called a compact fluorescent and the compact fluorescent bulb I'm going to light up for you right here but these bulbs are not dimmable watch you see it start to flicker yeah that's what you get when you try to dim this bulb is that flickering you get that like the broken incandescent bulbs look that's exactly what everybody crazy now I want you to watch the Whirlpool bulb and we're going to dim it down just like the incandescent bulb and you're going to see that you get the dimming without the flicker without all that stuff going on that's the beauty of billion there's the light it said I mean it's the same light when it's got the same power light that gives off up from a 60-watt bulb exactly difference the only difference is as we said is it is not burning this same way it is not you know it's not eating up that energy it takes so much to get that regular ball that incandescent aches so much to get that thing is fine so hot I will tell you the energy to create that amount of heat want you to think about something I mean I'm an older guy you're a younger guy I don't want to be climbing ladders I don't want to be getting up on chairs I don't want to have to go the store and buy light bulbs and replace them replace every bulb in my house once a year I don't want to do that if you put these bulbs in at my age you put these bulbs in today I will never replace another light bulb yeah think about that right never and look at how durable these things are as well you drop them on the floor they don't they're not going to bust on you the same way that the reg I know you know this regular incandescent bulbs it's like it is like tissue paper they're so thin it breaks so easily not only that but they have filaments in them and those filaments get white hot when the electricity goes to them so what you're going to see here I'm gonna take it I'm gonna take a temperature measurement on this palace let's show everybody this so we're going to turn it on and is it's gonna be hot look at this was it's a 300 125 degrees second okay heat is the enemy of the light bulb that's why they only last a year yeah because there's so much heap giving oh I thought why they eat so much internal I told companies must like that though you got to keep buying more light bulb absolutely they look now I want you to look at the temperature of the Whirlpool both 60 degrees 64 degrees so my time is this with a regular try try to do that with that bulb no way Jose god are you kidding me that dick come on roast your fight you would roast your fingers on there and then let me see that it is cold it is see that's that you know it's the same technology that people are doing when it comes to holiday decorating and things like that why is it last longer they don't burn out even exterior lighting ever I am I original halogen exterior lights rain out there you see steam coming off the water would boil out there all the bugs are dead because you know they're all then they will pile up on there because things are frying them up which you don't want on your life everything is down to LEDs this bulb down in here I want to show you is now this is a compact fluorescent and I'm going to shoot it it's still 89 degrees it's still using more heat plus these things when you dispose of them okay because of the technology that's in there they're not they're not real good for the environment these guys absolutely harm and he mentioned something earlier i want to show he mentioned you mentioned undrugged durable look at that yeah drop them in a regular incandescent on a popped like a blue like a dilemma so here's what i'll tell you art only brought in about three thousand of these you're going to get five of these i will tell you again the average bulb of our bulbs here today will last you over 22 years not 22 months 22 years so if you buy this bulb for your baby the bulb will have to be replaced maybe when your baby gets out of college that is how long these will save you eighty percent banerjee cost just by using them on a daily basis they will say to that amount of money so it's in listen if you don't want to save money don't mind that's right if you don't want to save money don't buy these all right but I've said that to you by the traditional bulbs feed the VEBA light bulb industry they love it you got to go back there you buy them you're there once every six months to buy more bulbs that's what they want you to do or would you rather do it once every twenty two years not to mention the amount of money you're saving on a weekly daily monthly basis every time you turn those lights on you won't be so freaked out about the kids leaving the lights on.

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