Whirlpool LED Soft White Light Bulb 6pack

saving seven hundred dollars a year simply by changing your light bulbs out well that's what we're talking about tonight it's literally the easiest way to be able to do something great for the environment great for you and save you money all the exact same time and that of course is from whirlpool these are the dimmable dimmable LED light bulb combo pack now I just want to focus for one second on really the value we're doing tonight because we've never done this before until today originally we have had the six pack on the air and it's been $69 and some change because LED technology is very expensive we have slashed the price basically almost in half so we're not there but we're very close 3995 with 2 flexpays tonight and it's your choice of do you like the warm light which is my preference or the bright light and Carrie is going to kind of walk us through what the difference is inside here you're getting 5 of the 60 watt replacement bulbs and one of the 40 watt replacement bulbs you just choose hey which colorway do you like most so Carrie yes I promised them they'd save about seven hundred dollars electricity how does that happen ok so this is the incandescent light bulb that basically Thomas Edison created in Fort Myers almost a hundred years ago nothing has really changed these are wildly inefficient and why because they're burned so hot when you were a small girl you probably had an easy bake oven right little it was a cardboard box with what in it a light bulb that's how you were able to bake because it'll get up to 350 degrees and it that's why it kind of blows out after just 11 months then we went to these things the CFL compact fluorescent light like the annoying light that you see in the dentist office or in your office or whatever it actually has a mercury in it it's unsightly you can't put a shade on it and this lasts about six to eight years this is the future today from whirlpool an iconic american brand that's known all around the world this light bulb will last you 22.

8 years and it uses eighty-five percent less energy than an incandescent bulb that's why these are actually being phased out by the government because they're so grossly inefficient and downright dangerous so it burns cooler it's cool to the touch it uses eighty-five percent less energy and when you add up the savings over the course of two-plus decades here's how much you're going to say it's 704 dot 25 cents in energy costs with every one of the six packs that you get today so I know a lot of people come in and they get on the phone and they go on I can see I got all those lights and they say about 18 likes to get three packs that's twenty one hundred dollars in savings and over 150 lights per six pack that you won't have to buy at the supermarket because yeah yeah it replaces 150 traditional light bulbs yeah is that correct yes correct yeah yeah you know we used to have a stack of light bulbs out here to show you all of the bolts you wouldn't have to buy but it collapsed on itself yes sir every one of these light bulbs and when you think about it's 11 months it's 22 you know point eight years so there's 22 light bulbs per every one of these that you won't have to buy and I love the idea that you save over seven hundred dollars in energy costs who definitely every one of this it doesn't love that idea and it's as simple as going I'm going to get really great light bulbs and all you doing is doing bright white or the soft way I'll explain something to my dad was a stickler about turning lights on her hundred we were growing up oh yeah you didn't leave a room without turning every single light off and I love coming home to a really warm 'let home I love lights i love it on I think it's great I want to walk in I want them to be on all night I really do do you know what I adore because this sips energy so petite I mean so little I just keep them on come on drink and sometimes i go i scrub turn that off I'm like no I don't have to if it's not eating up and costing me a ton of my energy bill and here's why it's so it's so inefficient right I'm going to take its temperature the incandescent is right over here and this is the beautiful soft super flattered but you look gorgeous by the way in this light because it is so soft and flattering so this is the temperature of the incandescent light bulb live on the air it should be close to 300 degrees two hundred and eighty-three degrees Fahrenheit that's why if you touch it you get like a second degree burn now here live on the air is the same bulb that been on exactly the same time but this is your whirlpool LED light bulb 84 degrees less than body temperature and that's why I can grab this bulb live on the air and pick the lamp up without go ahead and touch it you never do never yeah and if you did that with that we would out now we can see that translate into 85 % energy savings here's your incandescent light bulb what's that burning at it's pulling over 60 watts it's advertised to just pull 60 and they weren't really accurate about that they're actually using more energy than that and here is your 60 watt equivalent from whirlpool it's pulling just 8.

2 what there's your eighty-five percent savings that's why each one of the six packs that you buy today will save you over seven hundred and four dollars and twenty-five cents that's approved by the legal department here at HSN and confirmed by the US Department of Energy so if you bought three of these tonight you'll save over twenty one hundred dollars in energy costs over the course of the next 22 years and it has nothing to do with the fact that you will not have to climb up and down a ladder for over two decades which is downright dangerous but the light is flattering it's attractive it burns cooler and lasts longer and you can use it anywhere in your home they're not really made for outdoor use right there really indoor use but imagine not having to change a light bulb for two-plus decades and save if you bought two or three packs 2100 hours and you actually start to look forward to it guy stole some of the old lights and I've got them and I'm waiting for them just to burn out all I'm doing and I literally have a pack of these sitting underneath the cabinet and one of them burns out I screw in the next one and then I just enjoy light wherever I want like I don't have to baby it you don't have to run around and get all the lights turned off at the end of the night I have everything on timers and they come I come home to a well lit house and I don't feel guilty about it because it's not using all that energy as a traditional bulb would also it doesn't generate more heat you know when you have a lot of heat in your home like the ovens on you have old lights on your room gets pretty toasty what do you do you turn the air conditioning up a little bit more because you want it to be cooler that's another issue we don't even talk about because you're not trying your house doesn't overheat because you're burning so many lights because you just switch to LED got to mention this is our final quantities and probably will sell out in this airing you have two choices too bright or you have the soft I prefer the soft but actually our best sellers are the brights we have both available but I only have about 1, 500 in stock and this is the lowest price we've ever offered it's a price break free shipping tonight so we're shipping for free and i'll tell you what I like with flex pay it's really a stock up because we are at six dot 65 cents per bulb versus twelve dollars and sixty-six cents out in the marketplace for this kind of quality I think that's important yeah and it's whirlpool it's again it's a brand that we grew up with these are also dimmable by the way we've got a little demo over here as you can see wait explain why that's important it's it's super important because most incandescent light bulbs aren't dimmable so you have to buy you have to upgrade and be able to do that CFLs will never be CFLs are not dimmable you can't do it and there's a lot of LEDs that aren't dem are dimmable and there's still twelve fifteen dollars per per light bulb but you can do it and it's it's like a flawless dim too that's the beauty of it that's my that's my regular light bulb right and then this is my whirlpool look how smooth that is I don't you can see the difference on that but it but the biggest difference is in that this light bulb right here is going to heat up to up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit that's why you can bake with it inside of a cardboard box this light bulb right here we'll never get higher than about 90 degrees you'll always be able to touch it you never have to worry about it and it's using eighty-five percent less energy what is up to you it's like laughs yes when it shatters and breaks you've got glass all over the place these are shut these are shadows I think look at that yeah it's it's night and day look we never imagined 10 years ago that would we have a computer in our back pocket we could watch a movie on right or you could send a movie to another person etc well and that's what this is this is just technology at its finest and this was part of a grant it originated at MIT this whole idea of building a better more efficient light bulb and that's exactly what world I hated the first editions that came out oh yeah they were really on tightly they were ugly and our heart on your eyes so Worldport is really advanced the technology to make these very realistic to what we love that warm soft light all right here's the scoop though if you want the bright we're down to the final 250 left that's it those are absolutely going to sell it here pretty quickly and then about 900 left in the soft I prefer the soft now let me explain it the soft reminds you of the warm inviting look of a traditional light bulb and yet it is a very bright usable light so just can we show this real quickly I know we have to wrap up but show the difference between the yeah this is a regular incandescent bulb and this is your soft but it's a great task light you can read to it you can so you can cook you can clean you can work on your computer it's very flattered it's not run right its a bright light and is again it's this is this is a 60-watt light bulb and this is a 60 watt equivalent this uses 61 watts of energy and this one uses 9 watts of energy eighty-five percent savings and for every sixpack that you get tonight you're gonna save over seven hundred and four dollars and twenty-five cents in energy costs and that's why people buy two and three sets right and it's a perfect time to stock up because we have a huge huge what are we off tonight I made 69 versus 39 yeah cute saving really big savings tonight all right we're gonna sweeten the deal a little bit for you if you don't have an HSN card how about saving on additional ten dollars here's how you do it you apply for our card and if you're approved you get to whatever you're shopping for at that moment you get ten dollars off if you don't have the card you can check out all the details on HS.

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