Wind and Weather Solar LED Metal Flower Wind Spinner

we had these yeah not too long ago for our best night of the day and let me tell you we couldn't keep in stock I have a few remaining this is our metal flower wind spinner it's a solar LED wind spinner all five star reviews on this product it is beautiful mesmerizing it assembles in seconds and let me tell you something when the wind hits it it is super super cool and this is just during the day at night time there's LED lights and they glow at night it is beautiful event Lopez is here with us is it that ready yeah there she is of that we don't have a lot of time so I want you to just take over go ahead I will actually I'm here in my backyard and if you look it's going I have a nice breeze back here so this is wind and weather is most popular spinner and it stands over 6 feet tall as you can see on five six two feet wide it's absolutely stunning it's like a piece of artwork that's what wind and weather does they want to bring you something that you're not going to be able to get somewhere else but not only that but like you said at night this is solar I'm gonna stop it just for a second they have a patented design right here the solar panel is actually integrated into the design of the spinner on both sides so when the Sun hits this courtesy of the Sun you're gonna have the you're gonna have it light up at night there's actually nine lights on the front nine lights on the back and three lights on each side so when this goes at night it is just gonna light up you have to do nothing but pick a location to put this in you're not limited by where you can you know run an extension cord or get electricity so this is gorgeous during the day gorgeous at night and I am Telling You this bronze color I think this is the only one left because we ordered the most of these it's the best color though don't you agree I love this color that you know this is my personal one I actually grabbed it from the front of my house because I use it as an architectural accent piece I have some copper in my doors I think it's a really sophisticated classy look I love it you guys are gonna go nuts when you get this home your questions just gonna be where can I put it and it'll start spinning and up to three miles per hour okay you know it's and and today third ones at $30 off I think it was 1:29 it's down to 98 you got to get one of these for those of you that really don't want to have to do a crazy garden you just want to something pretty in your yard and we have ours in the corner over here there's not much wind over there but when this thing starts going oh my gosh it's so cool no no babysitting and remember it will follow the wind because it will spin and it will follow the wind wherever it goes so you don't have to worry about that I'm just kind of manually showing you but the real show is at night when this thing starts to light up at night it is so beautiful and look at that we have it tucked in front of our little our little front porch there how beautiful that looks it just you know that it adds another element of interest to your property right absolutely and you don't have to water it or take care of it and because it's wind and weather its powder-coated which means it's a pigmented powder that's cured to the metal so it's never gonna chip it's never gonna fade it's never gonna rust and while I have a moment I just want to show you how securely it goes into the ground because wind and weather really is proud of their quality and this right here these stakes go right into the ground like you said it takes just a couple of minutes to assemble the pull and the spinner head and then once this goes in it is gonna stay in there that is a very thick secure Pole so this isn't going anywhere no only when the when the wind hits it it's gonna spin beautifully and you can look at it and relax anytime you yeah and it's a huge customer pick on hsn.

com we don't have many left so 687 5 to 2 of that you're sticking around we got more all solar stuff coming up 9895 you want to pick up that in twenty thirty two dollars and ninety eight cents hey we had a whole bunch of you pick up our solar disk lights if you want to get those I still have them event.

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