Wind and Weather Solar LED Metal Swirl Spinner

probably my this is probably my favorite solar compact garden spinner that we have I love the colors of this one it's got every color in the rainbow very sort of a bohemian look they are beautiful I'm available in butterfly dragonfly or hummingbird those are the little stars of

the show that you'll see there and these are the solar panel that's built on top so as they're spinning during the day they're recharging the solar battery and at night oh okay so we've sold out of the – were down to hummingbird which is actually my favorite one

we're down to hummingbird but anyway solar light on top and it night they light up the little globe inside lights up and it is be a beautiful display these are from wind and weather this is all steel construction beautiful beautiful finishes and then a really good solar panel

right on top the vet Lopez is joining us via Skype and she's going to show us how it lives at her house hi of that welcome to our shell good of my absolute builder spinners I'm right here in my entranceway I have it on a shepherd's hook and

I'll tell you what's so neat about it the wind catches it it just spins around but then night after you have this hanging out and of course courtesy of our Sun it's gonna get that solar panel which is right on top and of course like winded weather they

integrate it so you really can't even tell it's there but then the light shoots down through the lantern part and if you take a look these are all laser-cut flowers so as this spins it cast this beautiful pattern on my wall so if you want to put this

may be near a gate or a fence or a wall at night it's going to show that beautiful pattern but then you also have this gorgeous tail and there you can see it very clearly and I will tell you guys all the reviews what they say about this

is the colors are so vibrant yeah it's like a piece of art something you would get at high-end art festival because if you look at it like the colors bleed into each other and then it has that high gloss it just it really is gorgeous no matter where

you put it in your cart this is my favorite one I the hummingbird because I love the colors cuz these are kind of like bohemian colors with a little bit of brown and maroon and purple and green they've got everything built right in there as the wind picks

it and the wind will will pick it up it'll hit these little blades on top it'll start to spin and then the whole thing starts to spin and this is just during the day and it'll reflect off the light I love all the colors and then on top

there's a solar panel built right in and you could probably see it right there that will absorb sunshine throughout the day and then the best part is that at night time when this guy starts to go this whole globe down here lights up it is so beautiful it's

on flexpay four payments of $77 and forty-nine cents please keep in mind keep in your back pocket that you got the $40 if you get a brand-new wakes and credit card we put $40 into your account which would pay for this and then some unfortunately you can only

use it one time so maybe hold off on the 40 until we get something that's $40 or more and then you can utilize it but you know I try to tell everybody out there that as in our garden show that you know it's your space we're spending all

this time at home and and maybe you don't have a lot of space for for growing a big garden at least have something that's colorful that you know says springtime in summertime when you're sitting outside having your coffee your glass of wine at night you have something really

pretty to look at and something that is literally no effort you get this I mean this this thing go together in about 30 seconds and then you can just hang it wherever you want you can hang it from waiting from one of your gutters in the corner of

your house you can hang it out a tree I mean they'll go anywhere that yeah absolutely and this is gonna come to you like you said in two pieces all you have to do is attach this tail down here that's really all you do and turn your light

on on your solar panel it comes with the solar battery you're even going to get the hook up here so you really have to do nothing but buying the location that you want to put it and I love about this piece from wind and weather is it's a

great way to decorate vertically it's about 33 inches in length so maybe if you just have a little balcony or a little patio or a small space that you just want a pop of color to make more interesting this is really a nice piece to put there and

then again just with a little bit of wind it's gonna swirl around with those vibrant colors you're gonna really it's going to be very eye-catching during the day but then again at night you're gonna have the accent light that just cast that beautiful pattern and you know what

else guys I want to show real quick you can actually detach the tail and you can just set this Lantern on a table and actually just be a centerpiece also so it's very versatile as well you know what I think I said we only had the hummingbird but

actually the hummingbird is is the best one so we order a little extra we started our show with 500 I think we just put a left counter up what do we have left Kyle a couple hundred 220 remaining so this will probably sell out if you want to

get it you can try it out remember we have our extended returns 90 days get it home you need to do stuff like this for you and your family save something pretty to look out on the yard and you don't have to water it it's completely easy to

be able to handle all right I bet hang in there because this is going to sell out we've got other vets got our our our panel screen coming up in just a bit but I wanted to mention one of our picks in

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