Winter tomatoes grow in my garage under a Kind LED

My name's Jeb And I grew something fun in my garage this winter It started in October The quest for winter tomatoes Tents are great for growing plants indoors They overcome a lot of the challenges of indoor growing So indoors we've got lights Fans and other equipment Now we have something to hang them off of We are using artificial light, it's mostly coming from the top So the tent is covered with reflective material And that helps get light to the bottom of the plant So plants don't like to be too dry, it's dry in winter We are going to retain some humidity I'm using a Kind LED (an LED fixture) One of the great things about this is Relatively low power usage It's not as big an advantage in winter But it's less heat, less heat to manage I can ventilate the tent with just a little clip fan I'm using a super soil It's called Kind Soil, trying it out The idea is In your grow bag you are going to have a hot soil at the bottom Lots of guano and chicken (feather) meal and whatever And then the upper portion I'm using this Coco Loco (coconut coir mix) Which is a relatively neutral mix It doesn't have a lot of salts in it So when the plant is young and doesn't need a lot of nutrients It won't get burned and then later The roots will go down and Get in the Kind Soil That's the idea The reality probably is Those roots get down there so early So It's kind of a balancing act The nice thing with a soil like this is If you are a beginner You set it up And then you just need to water That's the idea, you aren't constantly Dosing the plants with nutrients Fish fertilizer and other things The instructions on the mix say use one pound per gallon of your container These are three gallon (11 liter) grow bags so I need to use three pounds (1.

4 kg) of mix The problem is the mix comes pretty dry So I put in three pounds (dry) and it seemed like way too much So I moistened it.

I think you are supposed to use the dry weight Because this stuff is nasty when it gets wet So with this soil setup you've got to do something for your seedlings Seedlings have enough energy in the seed Usually to get A moderately sized secondary leaf After that they need to start getting something from the soil or water This company has instructions for using a cup You put a little Kind Soil at the bottom and some of your neutral mix on top I just dug down I don't know, three inches? (8cm) Put a little handful of the hot mix And We'll find out if it's enough to get the seedling going I think it's going to be fine Tomato roots Grow really fast It's what I've observed from hydroponics Day 1 Tomato Big Beef Hybrid Pelleted Seeds These pot lifters will help with drainage And also keep the bag from sitting on the cold floor Day 8 Day 9 Day 13 24 Hour light cycle Day 14 Day 23 Day 25 Day 30 Day 31 Day 33 Day 37 Day 43 Alright you are filming Alright you are going to watch me cut Do not drop the phone okay? Actually what do we need to cut in here? I can see you back there Alright look at that So I'm pruning these to one stem, they would grow way too big Way too big! If I let them go wild I'm also pruning off the exhausted leaves The plants aren't getting enough nutrients that's obvious I should have put all three pounds of the soil in I did tap a little at the start for pollination And I did that for like three times and then I got bored So I'm slowly moving the light up as the plants progress We are getting to the top So we are going to start getting creative Eventually it's just going to be strapped to the top bar It's how every good grow should be It (the light fixture) does push air out the top You know, to cool it So I need a couple inches But it's not hot in here, so it's not a big worry So I am going to address the deficiency issues I'm running into (day 51) If I wasn't demoing this soil I would just throw some hydroponic nutrients in there Those things would fire right up If you wanted to be organic You could use fish fertilizer Kelp Something that's immediately available But I'm not going to do that, I'm going to top dress with the Kind Soil And it is hot So I'm going to make a handful of the coco mix To protect the stem And then I'm just top dressing as much as I can I'm putting it on dry and I'm going to have to water carefully Several times to get it to moisten up That's fine So the two on the left They are going to get the top dress The two on the right are going to get nothing (day 57) They are still struggling for nutrients especially nitrogen And I was thinking Is there some flaw with this Kind Soil? Like it needs warm temps? Or it needs more time to rot? And then I realized who they are making this soil for It's for the cannabis growers And A lot of those people don't like a lot of nitrogen In their plants You know, they like to flush their plants and all that stuff? So they are probably happy to see that there is not enough nitrogen And there's lots of flowers That's weird because I was seeing a phosphorous deficiency too But there's a lot of flowers, I don't know if they put something in there? Day 63 Day 78 Day 85 Day 92 Day 96 Day 99 Special thanks to GreenEnvySupply.

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