Xiaomi Yeelight LED Bulb Color Review!

In 2018, we have the Internet of Things expanding We have LED bulbs that we can control via the internet making things cool and convenient in this video I'm gonna review the Xiaomi Yeelight LED bulb color a smart LED bulb and talk about the features and cool stuff You can do with it.

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My name is Aymaan Rahman And if this is your first time on this channel, thank you so much for stopping by I'm a tech enthusiast and in this channel I do tech product reviews, tech related stuff and in this video I'm doing a review of the Xiaomi Yeelight LED bulb color and Smart lights can be really cool and really convenient in the packaging We got the smart light itself the instruction manual, which is in Chinese and a cylinder type thing made of cardboard I guess so Let's roll the specifications this bulb takes 220 volts and uses 9watts of power It is designed to be energy-saving and lasts for about 11 years if used six hours per day It gets bright to 600 lumens at full brightness the color temperature of the white color can go from 1700 to 6500 Kelvin it can switch to a wide range of 16 million colors Green to blue to orange to red to pink any color to set up the light bulb just connect it to the standard e27 socket and switch the power on and then You need to download the yeelight app and go through the app setup make an account Connect the bulb to Wi-Fi and update its firmware So once you have everything set up you can control the bulb with the app Here you can turn it on or off and then once you go inside that you have different modes of lighting Here you have preset scenes of lighting at the bottom.

You have a slider to change the brightness of the bulb Here you can change the color temperature of the white color of the bulb to a little bit warmer or to a little bit colder tone from 1700 to 6500 Kelvin Here you can change the color of the bulb to any color you want There is also a mode called flow where you can make the bulb change color on its own automatically The app also lets you to set timers to turn the bulb off and schedule the bulb to turn on or off at different times The bulb also works with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control the bulb with your voice Okay, Google turn the lights on Google Assistant: You got it turning on the desk lamp Change the color of the desk lamp to yellow Google Assistant:You got it changing the desk lamp to yellow Dim the lights by 99% Google Assistant: You got it dimming the desk lamp by 99 percent You can also connect the bulb to a service called ifttt (if this than that) and make it do cooler stuff Basically, it's a service to automate stuff.

For example, I can set a recipe That's what it's called in ifttt terms to blink the LED bulb in white color whenever I get an email and One thing to consider is that you always need to keep the light switch on all the time in Order to supply power to the bulb because if you switch the light switch off suddenly You can't control your LED bulb anymore so in conclusion this smart light just works and it's convenient and cool to use and I can recommend this if you want to make your home a little bit smarter and Both Bangladeshi and international links to buy this smart light bulb is in the description below Question of the day.

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